Gaining Weight Will Make You Happier Person


One of life’s greatest dilemmas is deciding whether to eat one or two slices of pizza, four M&Ms or, well, 20. As women, we’re culturally conditioned to think about our calories every time we come face to face with them. But new research suggests you may have something to gain other than weight by simply eating whatever you feel like eating.
According to the study, by scientists at the Helmholtz Zentrum München research center in Germany, women who gain weight experience decreased physical health but better “mental quality.” This is scientist speak for happiness.
For seven years, Professor Dr. Rolf Holle, doctoral student Michael Laxy, and their team used questionnaires to measure the influence of body weight on the physical and mental health of participants with varying body shapes and weights.
Participants’ physical well-being was assessed by asking if daily physical activity — like climbing stairs — had been limited. Participants’ mental quality of life was assessed through questions about when they felt “calm and peaceful or downhearted and blue.”
And when scientists compared findings of participants’ physical and mental states, they noticed a pattern. Those who weighed more than their previous assessment were less physically well, but felt happier, whether they were at a normal weight post-weight gain or overweight post-weight gain. Overweight women also reported feeling more peaceful than they did when they were a few pounds lighter.
So gaining weight won’t make you healthier. But it might not make you feel as bad about yourself as you think.


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