Awesome Kickboxing Benefits for Women


Kickboxing is a popular and de-stressing exercise. It is best known for toning the body, building muscle mass and power.

Staying in shape is big concern for women. And in today’s troubled times, so is self-defense. Kickboxing can help you conquer both these worries at the same time.

Kickboxing  is  a  total  body  workout,  not  just  target  areas.  A  progression of kicking, punching, and  several other  body movements, it’s a  blend  of  cardio and resistance training that helps tone the body and leads to weight loss. Since  it’s a total body workout, it also helps increase flexibility, burn calories, improve co-ordination and increase cardiovascular fitness.

In addition to its health benefits, kickboxing can also protect you from harm. The exercise regimen focuses on kicks, punches, knee-ups and bobbing and weaving. Kickboxers are also taught how to gauge distance and land punches and kicks. Most moves are practiced on bags to help with landing the move on a particular object. The bobbing and weaving, kicks, knee-ups and punches can all be used for self-defense, if ever needed.


  • Kickboxing that includes bag work burns a ton of calories, up to 750 an hour, and maintains a higher calorie burn for several hours after your workout.
  • It provides resistance training benefits just like weightlifting and improves muscular strength and endurance.
  • As a full body workout, it combines cardio training with resistance training. Also, since it’s a total body workout, it is a time-saver.
  • It’s great for burning fat-its explosive movement followed by reduced intensity followed by more explosive movement is equivalent to interval training.
  • It works red and white muscle fibers and fast and slow twitch muscles (basically, it works all your muscles).
  • It builds core muscle strength, improves posture and is awesome for your abs and glutes.
  • Since it requires repeated bursts of explosive movements, it increases energy levels and strengthens your heart.
  • A regular kickboxing programme will improve flexibility and decrease muscle tension. It also teaches you how to relax and contract your muscles optimally for functional results you will see and feel.
  • Hitting a heavy bag is an unbeatable stress reducer… cheaper than any therapist! The endorphins released in the body relieve pain and help bring depression under control.
  • You have an arsenal of defense weapons, should you ever need them.
  • Bonus benefit – it helps stave off osteoporosis.


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