9 Misconceptions about a child’s life after heart surgery


Having to get your child operated on is scary. It can be traumatic time for both the child and the parents. Once heart surgery has been performed, there are several doubts that arise in the parents mind, especially about their child’s day to day everyday life.

Here are some misconceptions about life after heart surgery:

  • They can eat what they want after surgery

The best way to carry forward a healthy life and a healthy heart after heart surgery is to eat a well-balanced healthy diet.

Your doctor and cardiac nutritionists will be able to set out a meal chart to assist you in what you can eat and what you should avoid completely post-surgery.

  • Exercise is dangerous

A healthy heart requires exercise in moderation. Be sure to consult our cardiologist on what are the best suited exercises for your child.

  • They cannot go to school

A child can lead a normal life after heart surgery. If your child has recovered after the surgery, the next best thing you can do is to get her back to school.

  • You can surround them with pets

There are certain pets that carry diseases and transmit them, that include cats, reptiles and birds. Other than these disease carriers, you can allow them have pets taking all necessary caution and precautions.

  • They cannot lift heavy items

The general norm after any surgery is that you should not lift anything heavy. They can be allowed to lift heavy items with caution after the doctor gives clearance.

  • They cannot fly

Most people after surgery get back to their normal lives after surgery and can fly without restriction

Only special cases where oxygen support is required needs caution. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before flying.

  • Follow-up doctor’s visits are not forever

You child will have to visit the doctor frequently after surgery. You might not have to visit doctor as frequently as after the surgery, but you cannot completely avoid visiting the doctor after heart surgery.

  • Activities should be restricted

Your child should only do as much as her heart can take. The best way to figure this out is to consult your doctor. For some, the activities can be restricted. It all depends on the condition of your heart.

  • Rehab is only for a short period of time

All children who go in for heart surgery must visit rehab. Rehab can be good even for those who haven’t had surgery.

In rehab you learn exercises that help you recover and be healthy and also ones that provide you lifelong benefits.


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