Womens Personal Grooming


love your self its s life time romance

personal grooming is showing respect and love for ones self

Personal grooming is an essential aspect for your self image .
Basic personal grooming tips
Ensure making a good impression on people who meet you as well as those around you.

Face – Your face is the first point of contact when you meet someone. You don’t need makeup to make a good impression.or may be just some very light day make up or night.always keep your eyebrows trimmed, and avoid unwanted facial hair. And SMILE 🙂

Skin – keeping your skin clean and dry. Not sweaty or sticky. wear a nice deodorant or perfume on your skin. to smell good always

Hair – keeping your hair clean and dry. Also, keep a tidy hairstyle. Bangs are okay unless you’re spending too much time pushing your bangs away from your face.always keep your hair well nourished so it looks well groomed

Nails – Nail art or paint is great but avoid dirt under your nails. And cut nails in a shape that doesn’t resemble talons.

Feet – No cracked heels. No dirty toenails. Avoid smelly socks.

Clothes – Well fitting clothes worn over well fitting lingerie. If you have trouble shopping for the right size and type of lingerie, ask for help at the lingerie shop. And always wear for your size, not the size you want to be.

Shoes – Wear shoes that don’t make you limp or drag your feet. Also, wear shoes according to your age. Don’t always borrow your kid’s Crocs, or pair up your Clogs with everything you own.

Remember, these are just the basics.overall your idea always need to be working towards keeping yourself taken care of by your self


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