Types of braces and the right age to put them


These days’ braces have become a must-have treatment to be taken for straightening and aligning the teeth. Many people are concerned about the treatment and most of them don’t know at what age one should put braces on their teeth. Technological advances have brought a variety of braces option making it easier and efficient.
Different types of braces
Traditional braces

The braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and they will have metal brackets which will be attached to each tooth using a type of cement. The brackets will be linked with each other using a thin archwire putting pressure on teeth. This would cause teeth to move slowly into a correct position.
Ceramic braces

They remain similar to traditional braces but the bracket will be made of clear, transparent ceramic material. The braces remain less visible to others making a popular choice among adults. Some of them experienced discolor and marks on teeth by using the ceramic braces.
Clear and removable aligners

The clear aligner can be used instead of metal braces. The plastic aligners can be custom made for you. They are removable while eating and cleaning. You can use the newly made aligner every two weeks.
Damon braces

The damon braces are becoming quite popular these days because they provide gentle treatment. They use side mechanism instead of elastic to get connected to the archwires. These braces offer fasted result because teeth will move on their own and no need to get them adjusted. They cause less pressure on teeth making movement less painful. The braces are easier to be kept clean.
Best age for braces

Children with an orthodontic problem can benefit putting on braces at an age between 10to 14 years. Dentists will wait for until all baby teeth are gone to get the braces done. Getting braces will create a clear way in the mouth for permanent teeth to come safely with enough spaces. Braces will improve their future smile. Kids will have a better dental health and they won’t restrict them to freely participate in sports and outdoor activities.


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