Tips For Buying Yoga Pants


Yoga is something that has been followed for hundreds of years in the Asian subcontinent. The yoga craze has caught on in the western world too after a lot of cultural exchanges happening these days. The health benefits of yoga are numerous some of which include maintain weight, weight loss, improves agility, keep one young and fit.

To do yoga, we should also be dressed appropriately. The pants make all the difference. You need to be able to stretch in all the positions possible without feeling a tug or hearing a rip.

Here are some points to consider while buying yoga pants:

  • Thickness of fabric

Make sure that the fabric is not too thin or too thick. It should be flexible enough to make you perform your yoga poses, without revealing anything.

  • Size

Yoga pants can stretch like crazy. Most people take to buy smaller sizes, maybe to pamper their ego or to basically deny reality.

It doesn’t look good if you stuff yourself in a pant that’s a few sizes smaller than the size you really need. It would look like a watermelon instead of a banana stuffing themselves in pantyhose. I’m sure you got the point with my fruit example.

  • No VPL

No one should be able to tell what type of underwear or underpants that you are wearing. Go without them if you have to but letting people see your panty line is definitely an embarrassing situation.

  • Follow the washing instructions

You need to follow the washing instructions on your yoga pants. Follow them to the tee. If there are none attached then turn them inside out and wash on a low cycle.

  • Elastic

Once the elastic stretches to a point where they becomes loose and sag, it’s time to give them away.

  • Color

It is preferable to use dark colors. Never buy a nude or skin colored yoga pant. I need not specify the reason.

  • Do sting on the cost

Buy a good pair of yoga pants. Buy a pair that is made of good quality fabric so that it lasts long. And not only that, a cheap pair might make your butt look like a sack of wet cement.

So keep these pointers in mind when you go shopping for a pair of yoga pants.


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