In the recent years, hair smoothening has become the most trusted resort of women suffering from extremely frizzy hair conditions. It is simultaneously undeniable that hair smoothening helps in getting the silky smooth hair that most women fascinate about. However, while the aesthetic appeal of hair smoothening is undoubtedly splendid, you have to additionally take a note of certain post smoothening measures to retain the smoothness for a longer span. Here are some of the essential ones among them for you. Watch out!

Avoid wetting the manes
Never try to wet hair immediately after smoothening them. The professionals at a well known salon in Bangalore suggest that the chemicals present in the hair smoothening ingredients take time to set in and give you smooth and silky hair you have paid for. If you wash them off by rinsing your hair immediately after the treatment, it will simply mean wastage of your money.

Do not tie hair
Immediately after hair smoothening, you are no supposed to tie them. Basically, you exert pressure on your manes while trying especially in the areas where you put on the rubber band, clip or hair clutcher. As these pressured sections of your hair tend to get squeezed and pressed as a result, the smoothness ceases to exist anymore. This is the reason why tying down your hair after hair smoothening is strictly discouraged by hair experts.

Let hair relax as you sleep
You have to be conscious about your sleeping position at least for the first three days after hair smoothening. Try to ensure that you do not sleep in a position that makes your hair get crinkled and pressured. The professional hair dressers advice that the best sleeping position for these three days is to lie on your back with your hair evenly spread over a pillow with satin cushion. This way neither the manes will get tangled nor will they get pressed and deformed.

Rinse thoroughly as recommended
Generally it is recommended that you should wash your hair thoroughly after three days from the date of hair smoothening. Do not skip washing your hair on the scheduled day as recommended or else it will lead to dryness and brittleness. You must pour liberal quantities of water over your hair too while washing them. However, do not be too experimental with the shampoo that you choose for the purpose. Stick to the hair care product that has been recommended to you because it will help in maintaining the smoothness for a prolonged span and prevent stripping of moisture from the scalp and hair strands too. Never forget to follow up the washing regime with a good quality hair conditioner and serum as have been recommended to you by your hair dresser to get the best out of the treatment.


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