The Importance of Body Stress Release


Living with body pain and tension can be alleviated with Body Stress Release
Many people live with mysterious conditions, unexplained pains and limitations which they have come to accept as normal. Which of these categories do you fit into?

1. You have aches and pains or physical problems which you regard as normal to you, or inevitable considering your age, temperament or life situation. For example, some people wake up every morning with a ‘normal’ headache, older people learn to live with their stiff knees, and anxious people expect to have aching shoulders.

2. Your problems have been labelled as ‘of unknown cause’, as medical tests and x-rays have not revealed any abnormality. Therefore you have been offered treatment which deals with the pain symptoms, e.g. anti-inflammatory medication may reduce the pain in your leg, but the cause is not being addressed.

3. You have been diagnosed with a certain condition, and are undergoing treatment, but there is little or no improvement.

In each of these scenarios, a key element may be the fact that the nervous system is being undermined in its efficiency. The body depends on the communication it provides between the brain and the cells, in order to perform its natural processes of self-healing.

Consider the following health problems:
• Do you suffer from severe headaches that come on suddenly for no apparent reason?
• Do you get out of bed in the morning with your lower back stiff or in spasm?
• Do you experience chest pain even though your medical tests are clear?
• Do calf or foot cramps wake you at night?
• Do you have difficulty breathing although you do not have asthma?
• Do you have recurrent bladder infections?
• Do you experience the sense of needing to urinate frequently?
• Do you often suffer from heartburn or indigestion?
• Do you wake up some mornings with tingling or weakness of the hands?
• Does ‘restless leg syndrome’ keep you awake at night?
• Is your posture distorted?
• Does your child have ‘growing pains’ in the legs?
• Does your baby cry constantly for no apparent reason?

In all the above issues, body stress may be the cause.

We all know what stress is as we deal with it every day in one form or another.

But there are three facts about stress of which most people are unaware:
1. Stress is not only a mental or emotional force – it may also arise from mechanical or chemical causes.

2. When the level of stress goes beyond our ability to deal with it, the stress may become stored in physical structures.

3. This locked-in tension – body stress – causes pressure on nerves and thereby undermines the body’s communication system.

The Body Stress Release health technique has a simple and logical explanation for all the situations mentioned above, but it does not in any way diagnose or claim to treat these conditions.
The purpose of BSR is to release the stored tension from the body thereby activating a process that restores and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

It does not use medication, machines, massage, manipulation, pressure points or energy meridians. It is practical and logical and not based on mystical concepts. BSR is a gentle technique that works in co-operation with other forms of health care.


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