Surprising Benefits of Oiling Your Hair Every Day


Many of us have forgotten the goodness of oiling hair regularly. While many of you may not know, but regularly oiling hair is super beneficial in the long run. Oiling your hair is a practice that is probably something your grandmother used to stress on and wanted you to do. But in this day and age when we have absolutely no time to take care of our tresses, oiling is often missed out.

Let’s take a look at astonishing benefits of oiling hair regularly:

1.Stimulates hair growth

Oiling your hair increases or stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp, helps to bring the nutrients to the scalp, which then works by nourishing the hair,” “And it also acts like a stress buster which is also one of the causes of hair fall.”

2.Hydrates the hair and prevents frizz

Oils like castor oil and olive oil that are rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids are able to create a physical barrier around the hair cells, preventing moisture loss which can leave strands looking dull and dry.

3.Protects the hair from pollution 

Many of us aren’t aware of the fact that oiling our hair regularly, also helps it against pollution. While we can wash our face every time, washing our hair at regular interval isn’t feasible. Instead oiling it regularly can be useful as a protective layer for the hair, protecting it from various environmental attacks such as dirt, dust, pollution, ultra-violet rays of the sun.

4.Gives your hair a natural shine and lustre

Our hair is a porous structure and when warm oil is massaged into your scalp and hair shaft, it absorbs the nutrients of the oil. This helps the hair retain its moisture and gives it a beautiful and healthy shine. One important fact to remember here is that when you wash off the oil, make sure you do not over shampoo your hair as this strips it of all its moisture making it dry and dull.

5.Strengthens the hair

It helps by increasing the tensile strength of the hair, reducing the frizziness and preventing breakage.

6.Fights pre-mature greying of hair

It is believed that regular usage of oil prevents pre-mature and greying of hair. Not only that, regular usage of oil also keeps your hair, strong and healthy.

7.Helps balance your doshas 

According to Ayurveda, head massaging with oil is a very effective way to balance out all three doshas in your body. This is because in Ayurveda the head is considered to be the most important organ of the body and massaging it helps calm the nervous system, help the organs of the body function optimally, brings the seven chakras of the body into alignment and calms the mind.

8.Prevents dryness of the hair

Regular use of oiling will keep your hair nourished for longer. Also, oil acts as a coolant and it would prevent your hair from harsh heating conditions.


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