Strawberry Mango Spinach Smoothie


Strawberry Mango Spinach Smoothie- made with fresh strawberries, frozen mango, and baby spinach. Packed full of vitamin-C, vitamin-A and iron!

Hey guys! How was your weekend?

It was hot as ever here which sparked a craving for a big green smoothie. Somehow they make the heat seem a little more bearable, right?

This combo might be my new favorite. Frozen mango gives it a smooth creamy texture that’s perfectly sweet on it’s own so there’s no need for added sugars. Then there’s fresh strawberries which are in abundance right now and are begging to be eaten. I don’t know about you guys but I always buy mine organic and it feels like a race to try to eat them all before they go bad.

This smoothie = problem solved.

With all of the traveling I’ve been doing lately I want to keep my immune system in top-notch condition so I’ve been adding a scoop of MegaFood’s Daily C-Protect Nutrient Booster Powder to my smoothies every morning.

It offers a concentrated dose of vitamin-C sourced from whole organic oranges (you can literally smell them in the powder!), as well as polyphenolic compounds from farm fresh berries to help boost the immune system and support the body’s response to stress.

While I’m a firm believer that you should get as many nutrients from your diet as you can, there are certain situations (such as traveling) that can make that hard to do. Also, because I don’t eat meat and I try to limit my intake of dairy, it can be challenging for me to meet my daily B-12 requirement. I always have specific supplements on-hand and MegaFood has been my favorite brand for years. I can always trust that they’re using high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced from farm fresh whole foods.

As you can imagine I was really excited when they recently reached out to me to become an ambassador for them this year! Being able to partner with a brand that I already use and love is like a dream come true. I’ll be able to tour their facility in New Hampshire to learn all about how their supplements are made and you’ll also see a few more recipes featuring their awesome Nutrient Booster Powders over the coming months

If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious way to cool off then I hope you’ll give this smoothie a try

The flavor is super refreshing and with a hefty dose of vitamin-C, you’ll be glowing all day long. It’s a win-win situation.

Did you try this recipe? Please let me know how it turned out by leaving a comment below or sharing a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #makingthymeforhealth. I love hearing your feedback! heart


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