Should You Warm-Up Before a Workout?


Warm-up is about a sequence of exercising drills to prepare both psychologically and physically.

Many of us rush through our warm-up routines in the gym, choosing to simply get on with it and begin the main workout. But not only does this put you at greater risk of injury, it also means that you won’t be able to perform the exercise or your sport at the level you would have liked. Here are some of the known benefits of a proper warm-up before exercise, sport or just a run

A)Increases body temperature:

Performing mechanical movements at a reduced intensity means raising your body’s temperature from its resting levels. This enables the body to “warm up”, and increases blood flow to the targeted muscles joints. This, in turn, helps to avoid injury as you intensify the movement gradually.

B)Improves performance:

Warming up your muscles prior to a game or fitness session is known to improve your overall performance. A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research in 2010 said warm-ups improved the overall performance of the subjects by a whopping 79%.

C)Reduces the risk of injury:

The primary goal of any arm-up is to prevent injury during your intense physical activity. With right warm up and stretching, you allow your muscles to undergo a greater range of motion which subsequently decreases the chance of excessive soreness, tendinitis, strains, overtaxed muscles or fatigue. Warmer muscles ensure that there will be no acute injuries such as hamstring strains which are quite common due to improper workouts.

 D)More flexibility:

At the start of a workout, our muscles are in their normal, resting position. Warming up before performing any strenuous activity enables them to stretch. Mobilizing the joints also helps you push beyond your previous limits.

E)Reduces the chances of post-exercise pain:

We often complain about delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after an intense workout in the gym, or a tough game of football. Warming up decreases the chances of having muscle pain the next day

F)Increases mental focus:

An engaging warm-up helps you focus more effectively which in turn helps you learn the workout lessons much quickly and allows you to enjoy the physical activities while you progress towards your fitness goals. Warm up routine allows your mind to remain relaxed and positive and keeps up your concentration throughout the workout session. In a way, warm up routine helps you get mentally ready for tough workout sessions and makes you endure discomfort during the workout easily.


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