Cola Drinkers Beware!!
New research has established beyond any doubt that the soft drink industry is indirectly being a major catalyst to erectile dysfunction and decreased sperm count for men and problems with conception and irregular periods for women. Every bottle/tin/can of Cola you consume could leave devastating effects downstairs. A new study now finds that drinking just one sugar-laden drink a day reduces chances of becoming pregnant by 20 per cent.

Regular Cola Drinkers Beware!!

Sweetened drinks have already been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, early menstruation and poor semen quality but now new evidence suggests it also affects both men and women’s probability of conception. However, this potential consequence could put you off for good – if you’re a man, that is – as scientists have revealed that drinking one litre of cola per day could reduce sperm count by up to a shocking 30 per cent.

In a study of 2,554 young men, researchers at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark found that knocking back cans of coke in large quantities – anything from one litre per day – can have a dramatic effect on a man’s swimmers, with cola addicts indicating a sperm count of 35 million per millilitre, compared with 56 million per millilitre in moderate consumers.

And even though that’s still within the normal range, a reduced sperm count raises the risk of eventually becoming infertile. The study found there was no link between caffeine levels in cola and other drinks, therefore indicating the lower sperm count in men was likely due to another ingredient. They claimed a sweetener in the drinks could damage arteries in the penis – possibly preventing blood flowing freely through the muscle.

The non-cola drinkers also lived healthier lifestyles — eating less fast food and more fruits and vegetables — than the cola drinkers, the study found.
Though the researchers said other sources of caffeine didn’t have significant effects on the quality and amount of sperm, they couldn’t conclusively say whether the findings were the result of the cola consumption or the unhealthy diet, or whether both were having an impact on their sperm.


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