Pet therapy is a form of guided interaction between a trained animal and a person. The type of animal is chosen depending on the person’s treatment plan and therapeutic goals.

Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce fatigue, anxiety, depression and  other different health problems.

Physical Benefits of Therapy Dogs and Cats

Pet Therapy

Lowers blood pressure.                                      Improves cardiovascular health.                      Releases calming endorphins.                            Lowers overall physical pain.

The act of petting produces an automatic relaxation response, which is believed to reduce  the amount of medication needed by some people.

Few pet therapy benefits

Physical Activities

First of all taking your dog on walks or out for grooming sessions to the vet will give you the chance to get some exercise. As a result it improves motor skills and encourages independent movement. Staying physically active reduces the risk of joint stiffness, falls and pain.

Self EsteemPet Therapy

Many patients suffer from low self esteem and loss of confidence, usually occur for people who depend on others or suffer from loss of responsibility and freedom due to their illness. Patients feel independent and happily take on the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Reduces Depression

Further more, having a pet pushes patients into getting more social contact. Likewise, animals are loving creatures that offer their owners comfort and reassurance. Hence, you will never feel alone, this reduces the risks of depression.

Shifting of Focus

People who have undergone long term treatment for chronic pain, depression and poor self esteem can have new focus which only animals can give.

Bring OrderPet Therapy

It helps bring routine and discipline to our day, and that benefits us as much as it does them. Establishing playtime and eating routines and making regular vet appointments. Tasks become habits to bring structure to the day, and when we feel like there is order and purpose to our lives.

The more time you spend with your four-legged companion, the better you feel.

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