Outdoor Health

Outdoor Health

Science of outdoors

We need to spend time in natural environments. Outdoor health is abundant and far-reaching both for the body and the mind.

Long before Smartphone’s and in today’s world of powerful technology the health benefits of outdoor recreation is necessary likewise spending too much time inside isn’t good for us.

Few people seek the outdoors for leisurely such as pursuits such as hiking, skiing, cycling and running, while still many more of us are getting our kicks indoors through film, television and video games.

 Outdoor Health Benefits

People who are exposed to Green-space are likely to have better Outdoor health and have less risk to premature death, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, preterm birth, stress and high blood pressure.Outdoor Health

The benefit of spending time outdoors has been relation to many types of medicine such as Psychology; Oncology; Psychiatry it can even be effective on eyesight.

However, it may have different types of effects on people based on; children, the elderly, the sick, urban dwellers, and those already living a rural lifestyle.

  • Essential Vitamin D– vitamin is essential for healthy tissues, skin, and bones; it helps to manage insulin production and protect against diabetes; it supports cardiovascular and lung health. Levels vary enormously, depending on where in the world you live, the time of year, and your skin tone.
  • Fight Nature Deficit Disorder-spending time inside keep us from getting into nature  Computers, tablets, cell phones and video games hog our attention. That’s especially bad for our children. Further more playing outside encourages children’s creativity, builds their attention spans and increases their desire to explore.
  • Longer life expectancy– living near vegetation, close to parks can encourage more frequent exercise, which helps maintain heart health and also increases social engagement.
  • Mental health- Mood elevation with natural light. Better concentration, increase alertness. Less anxiety stimulation by views to natural reduces stress. Better sleep from a short walk.Outdoor Health

Take time to place new ideas like gardening, yoga or meditate outside, Go for a walk or a jog. Being in nature can be a powerful and important part of the healing process. Interacting with nature is one of the quickest, most available and very powerful ways to increase overall well-being.

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