How to Prevent Blackheads?


Blackheads (also known as open comedones) are a type of clogged pore. They can occur on their own or sometimes along with acne. Blackheads  form  when  dead skin  cells  combine with excess sebum and dirt in the pore lining. Once this combination reaches the opening of the pore at the skin’s surface, it oxidises, turning black. Blackheads tend to arise in your T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), particularly around the nose area as it has more hair follicles and produces more oil than other parts of the face.

Let’s see how to avoid blackheads,


This is an essential step if you want your skin to be free from any kind of acne. Whether it is blackheads, whiteheads or pimples, all of these are associated with excess oil and dirt. Cleansing your face with mild face wash or soap twice a day will not only help you to get rid of dirt and excess oil but also it will make your skin appear refreshed and supple. Wash your entire face up to the hairline and rinse thoroughly. Avoid using harsh cleansers as it will make your face dry and cause skin irritation.


As a part of skin cleaning regime, exfoliation can also be done to get the blackhead free skin. American Academy of Dermatology recommends gentle  exfoliation of   facial skin   as often as once a day. However, persons with dry or  sensitive skin  should   limit   scrubbing their skin to once or twice a week. Before jumping into exfoliating, know your skin type and then opt for a suitable exfoliating scrub. Alternatively, you can use natural substances such as sugar crystals for exfoliating. These are chemical free  and  have  the  same effect  as a commercial product. However, it is best to use a gentle hand for exfoliation as rubbing your skin hard with scrub may worsen blackheads rather than getting rid of it.

C)Make up

Everyone uses makeup every now and then. Oil based makeup products could block the pores of your skin leading to breakouts and blackheads. Not removing the makeup before going to bed could make it worse. If you are someone who puts makeup every day, try using water based makeup rather than oil based makeup. Another habit you should definitely consider developing is removing complete makeup before going to bed.

D)Never squeeze

If you have a habit of popping up blackheads in an attempt to remove the tiny black thing out of it, you are making it worse. It could lead to scarring leaving a permanent dark spot. Train your mind, not to touch it until or unless you are cleaning, exfoliating or applying some remedies or medicines.

E)Be careful while shaving

If you have blackheads or acne in the areas where you shave, be cautious while shaving. You may just end up irritating the affected skin and worsening the condition. You can definitely use both electric and safety razors to remove the hairs but with a bit of extra care. While using safety razors, use sharp blades. Shave only when you have to, don’t over do it while having severe blackheads.


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