How to Get Gorgeous Hair – Professional Hairstylist Tips for Your Best Hair


The pro tips you need to know for achieving gorgeous, shiny locks.

From feeding your hair nutrients, to using tools that won’t cause damage, there are simple ways to reboot your locks and achieve the stunning texture you’ve always dreamed of.

Lather Up
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If dry shampoo is your go-to time-saver, we have some bad news: It does not actually clean your hair. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley, who studies the health of the hair and scalp, warns against infrequent shampooing—that is, fewer than every three days. It puts you at risk for scalp irritation, she says, which can cause hair loss, and product buildup will make hair look dull and heavy. Use a clarifying shampoo once every three or four weeks to completely remove excess oil and product residue. For the voluminous waves seen all over the fall runways, “women with fine hair may need to wash every day to get maximum lift,” advises celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh

Trim of Ten
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Contrary to what you may think, skipping haircuts doesn’t always encourage extra length. You need regular trims -at least every eight weeks- to keep split ends from traveling up the hair shaft and making your hair more vulnerable to breakage. And don’t pick at those damaged strands. Your hair is like string cheese: Pulling a split end may get rid of it, but halves the diameter of your hair,” says Kingsley. A split-end serum can seal ends together temporarily to deter fraying, but a chop is the only way to truly get rid of shredded bits. If you’re ready to take the plunge, celebrity hairstylist Orlando Pita recommends a lob: “A collarbone-length cut not only takes off the oldest parts of your hair with the most color and heat damage, but it’s a modern look.”

Feed Your Hair
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A healthier diet may be the key to reversing many of your hair woes. “Taking in the right nutrients for your hair is necessary for normal growth and maintenance,” explains Kingsley. “If you are vitamin deficient, it usually shows up in your hair first.” Protein is essential—it’s what your hair is made of—but you also need omega-3s for scalp health, and iron, which is crucial for hair cell formation. If you’re eager to grow a Gigi Hadid–like mane, try a daily growth-boosting supplement that contains soy proteins, such as Philip Kingsley PK4 ($44 for a 30-day supply). But don’t expect results overnight; you’ll have to wait six to 12 weeks (the length of the average hair-growth cycle) to see noticeable improvement from dietary changes or supplements

upgrade Your Tools
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The best irons heat up faster and maintain a consistent temperature, which means the iron heats every section of hair evenly and styles it in a single pass without cooling off as it touches each strand. This not only saves time, says Josh, but your hair will have less repeated contact with heat. Use a blow-dryer with at least a 1,600-watt motor, which should curtail the time it takes to dry your hair. Always spray on a heat protectant prior to styling; try Pantene Smooth Heat Protecting Spray ($5).

Make Time to Mask
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Using a hair mask will make your hair look and feel better immediately after one use, but weekly masking can dramatically change the quality of your tresses in about two months. “Leave it on for at least 20 minutes so the ingredients can penetrate, and your hair will thank you for it,” says Pita. Look for products that contain hydrating oils like coconut, argan, and camellia to replenish moisture and increase strength. More damaged hair will benefit further from leaving the mask on overnight.

Save Your Color
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Ask your colorist to mix a bond rebuilder like Olaplex or b3 Brazilian Bond Builder with your color; it protects the integrity of your hair as it processes. Try to wait eight weeks—roughly the time it takes for your hair to grow one inch—between appointments. If you have less than one inch of root, your new color is likely to overlap with the previous process and cause breakage. Between salon visits, use an in-shower reconstructor once a week to strengthen weak hair and prevent color loss.


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