How to Apply Eye Cream Like a Pro?


Do you know how to apply eye cream the right way?

FYI eye cream is  any cream you use on the eye area. Truth is, eye cream is just a facial moisturizer in a smaller jar.

Those special ingredients for the eye area? Mostly hype. If caffeine worked, no one would have dark circles anymore.

Why pay twice for the same thing? Pick a fragrance-free moisturizer and use that all over. It works very well and it saves me quite a bit of money, too.

But, doesn’t matter what product you use, here’s how to apply eye cream the right way:

Step 1: Wash Your Face

Cleansing creates the foundation for a good skincare routine. Now all that dirt, grime, and makeup are off your face, nothing will stand in the way of your eye cream. It’ll be able to sink into your skin, just like it should to work its magic.

How tired you are or how late you came home at night. If you skip this step – or use a wipe that doesn’t remove anything! – you’re sabotaging your skincare routine.

Step 2: Use a Grain of Rice

The more the merrier doesn’t apply to skincare. There’s only so much skin can absorb.

You know what that means? If you use too much product, you’re not going to get double the moisture. The extra is just gonna sit on the surface, doing nothing.

Besides, if you use too much eye cream, you risk getting milia seeds, and those little things can be a royal pain to remove.

Use only a small amount, no bigger than a grain of rice.

Step 3: Three Dots

Apply three dots to your undereye area: one in the inner corner, one in the middle, and one in the outer corner.

This makes spreading the cream so much easier and ensures that every part of your undereye area gets its fair share.

Step 4: Use Your Ring Finger

Did you know your ring finger is your weakest finger? That’s why it’s so great at applying eye cream. It spreads the cream evenly without putting too much pressure on and tugging at this delicate eye area. Awesome, right?

FYI, tugging and pulling your eye area leads to wrinkles. That’s the LAST thing you want to do.

Step 5: Pat from the Inner Corner Outwards

It’s best to pat the cream from the inner corners of your eyes inwards using circular motions. Why? It helps smooth out wrinkles.

Step 6: Pat, Don’t Rub

In case you missed the step above, I said pat, NOT RUB, the cream. This is so important because rubbing can pull at the skin, and, in the long run, cause wrinkles and other kinds of damage. Don’t do it!


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