Holistic Living is a proactive process that services the needs of the body, mind and spirit.

Most often, when we talk about health we think of physical, emotional, and spiritual health as separate aspects of our being though they are so deeply connected. You would sure have experienced how an emotional trauma can bring on physical illness. Conversely, depression or changes in mood can have physical causes. But holistic living explains how does spiritual health relate to your physical body?

We’ve all heard that you can achieve physical health through diet and exercise. But we rarely talk about the most important thing for a healthy body, which is to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. What we think, do, say, eat, practice and believe in, and our impact on others and the planet, are all reflections of how we choose to live our life. To live with a deeper understanding means to understand and abide by the fact that our actions are felt by our body, by others, or by our environment as whole.

Holistic Living is nothing but making right choices1

From a very young age we are taught at school and at home to learn the basics of right and wrong, good and bad, and ethically how to behave in the world. Very few of us are taught how to live a fulfilling, nourishing life outside of making money and just getting by. There are no lessons on what kind of a lifestyle to choose for today’s rapidly evolving world.

Our Health and longevity of life are determined by three important factors.

Heredity: It is entirely conditioned by previous generations, in particular the last one which gave us life. This is inalterable.
Environment: As individuals, the environment we live in has a powerful say on how we live our life every day.
Life-style and behavior: These two can be managed as it is ultimately in our control since they relate to our daily habits.

Whatever our heredity, leave it to itself. Change the quality of our environment, if possible. But make necessary changes to daily behavior and habits that influence the course our life takes.

Holistic Living is nothing but making right choices

Lately there has been much talk about the holistic approach to life. The busier we become fuelled by our need for money, the further we move away from holistic & healthy lifestyles. And over a period of time, our energy, strength, immunity and overall well-being takes a hit. All that energy we put into working so hard to earn some money could go wasted if you are compelled to spend on treatment for health issues you otherwise could have avoided.

So what need to be done first is to take a moment to realize what you have become and accept the changes that you have made to yourself, unconsciously caught in the speed of day to day life. It is not just the physical body that needs to be transformed but your spiritual being too. A holistic approach to your body, mind and spirit, can not only transform your health and well-being, it can turn you peace loving bringing you to value relationships, create better understanding of the life we live, and generally help you to become more awake as a person in your day to day life.

Holistic Living is nothing but making right choices

Approaching holistic living means including the body, mind and spirit in the transformation towards achieving an inner balance of mind, body, and spirit, using natural healing methods. Acknowledging the fact that you are short of a balanced life is the first step towards finding what is wrong. Once you realize that the body, mind and spirit are three and the same, you start working towards pinpoint the reasons that sets you back from reaching the perfection of wholeness.

A great way to kick start your transition towards a holistic living is to address the needs of the body first. If you think you need to shed a few pounds so that it makes you feel confident and ready to face the world, then start with it. Fix yourself a goal and find results. Once you start feeling better and balanced in the way you present yourself look inwards to find what needs to be done to find the balance. For starters, walking, jogging or any other form of exercising at least three times a week is a great start towards naturally improving your health.

Holistic Living is nothing but making right choices

In a short term, you will begin to see and realize that holistic living health is actually an approach to life. While the word holistic living healing might be new to us, this form of balancing the forces of life had been in practice since time immemorial – it is the basis for Ayurveda and other forms of ancient healing. With a thorough emphasis on the connection of mind, body, and spirit it acts on the three dimensional aspect of life force and stresses on maintaining a day-to-day healthy lifestyle. More than finding a cure for an illness, it stresses on the facts of preventive living by taking into account how he or she interacts with his or her environment.

Holistic Living is nothing but making right choices

Seek guidance to find the inner harmony in you. Once we learn to maintain an optimal lifestyle, the effects of a balanced spiritual, psychological and physical well-being can improve health and quality of life and can increase our ability to stay calm even during an unfortunate spell of illness. It’s a life long journey of choices you make to create balance and to achieve the highest potential of well-being for body, mind and soul. It is important to remember that holistic living lifestyle is a proactive process that services the needs of the body, mind and spirit.


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