Health benefits of basil seeds


Basil seeds have different names such as sweet basil, falooda seeds, turkmaria seeds. And sabja seed is native to India. It is different from holy basil.

Having 2 spoons of basil seeds everyday has a lot of health benefits. However pregnant women should avoid taking basil seeds as it will reduce estrogen levels. And it might be dangerous to kids as the seeds present choking hazard. Otherwise all can consume basil seeds in moderate levels as it has some exemplary health benefits. Basil seeds cannot be taken raw as they are hard to chew. They can be soaked in water which makes the seeds to form a soft mucellanious mass around them and gives incredible texture to any milk shake, and faloodas. Also, it can be taken with plain water.

Weight Loss

It has lot of anti oxidants and digestive enzymes. They are rich in alpha-linolenic acid(ALA) from omega 3 fatty acids and help in boosting body metabolism . It creates satiety and prevents us from snacking on junk food.

Intestinal Health

It is rich in fibre content. It has soluble fibre which gives relief from constipation. It maintains overall gut health.

Blood Circulation

Basil seeds are rich in iron. It helps in treating anemia. Helps in hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Cools the body

Basil seeds reduce body heat. They have a cooling effect on the body. Take it with lemon juice and other refreshing drinks to cool the body naturally in this scorching summer.

Prevents Diabetes

Basil seeds control blood sugar levels. Hence, we can avoid developing Type 2 diabetes if we consume basil seeds regularly.

Basil seeds decrease LDL cholesterol in the body and help in maintaining HDL in the body.

Heart Health

It removes the free radicals and other toxins from the body. It removes the fat build up in the blood vessels and arteries. Therefore helps in maintaining an ideal blood pressure and improves heart health. And also its rich potassium content which reduces the chances of getting heart attack.


Basil seeds are also rich in vitamin A which plays a pivotal role in brain function. It contains flavonoids like vicerin, orientin and beta carotene which improves body’s immunity.


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