E-Cigarettes can be dangerous than you think!


It is basically a battery-operated pipe that resembles a regular cigarette. This gives the smoker an illusion of smoking by emitting vaporized nicotine for the person to inhale. Since it is tobacco-free, the invention was something that was looked upon globally. But is it really safe to use something like this? Will it help chain smokers to actually quit smoking? Let’s walk through on how and why an e-cigarette could be more dangerous than you think, especially, when it is alternated with the conventional one.

How does it look?

E-cigarettes usually look like a long pen that has refillable cartridges that store nicotine and was first sold in the year 2003. Now, many countries including the U.S. have started selling them, and, in fact, a lot of people have actually moved towards smoking one. Here came the real threat; a high number of teens and high-schoolers had easy access to these devices and started trying them out more for fun reasons which slowly turns addictive after using them for a period of time. Moreover, the nicotine vapor that is emitted induces various health risks ultimately overruling the actual reason why an e-cigarette is smoked.

What are the negative impacts?

  • Most e-cigarettes are flavored and hence contain a lot of chemicals that aren’t going to do any good to your lungs. Though this is far better than the tobacco smoke, the flavored nicotine still contains toxic substances that are equally hazardous.
  • It increases the chances of becoming addicted to drugs and substance use. Surveys have proven that teens who smoke e-cigarettes have more chances of enjoying drugs such as cocaine.
  • Heart attacks are a major threat when it comes to chain smokers. The smoke from the burning tobacco restricts blood flow to the heart, subsequently leading to an arrest. Recent studies reveal that people who often switch between the e-cigarettes and the regular ones have double the chances of suffering from a heart attack earlier than they think.
  • These rechargeable devices can cause probable damage to the brain cells leading to depression or other mental disorders over a period of time.

There are several proper practices that your medical practitioner will suggest to help you quit smoking and e-cigarettes aren’t definitely on the list. You can also try home remedies such as drinking grape juice to cleanse the toxins out of a smoker’s body. When there are a lot of natural routines that could help stop addiction, let’s not fall into a trap that could be equally harming.


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