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Looking for more reasons to love beer? Well, this write-up might pretty much interest you then. Yes, the most popular beverage around the globe can be used on your hair to achieve long luscious locks. The drink does a lot more good to your hair than one can actually imagine. Here are a few reasons why you should include beer in your next hair routine.

    • Minerals such as phosphorous, copper, iron, and silica are present in large amounts in beer that nourishes your strands, enhancing volume.
    • The cleansing properties ensure the scalp is dandruff-free and safe from excess oil.
  • As beer easily maintains the pH level, hair remains shiny and bouncy without tangles.
  • For the non-drinkers, the smell might be a bit repulsive, but that is absolutely bearable when you know your dream hair is within reach.

A Quick Review on Park Avenue’s Beer Shampoo

There are quite a few brands that endorse beer shampoos, but Park Avenue’s launch gained good fame mainly because of the color, odor, and appearance of the hair rinse exactly resembling the regular beer.

    • While most hair care products promote the inclusion of several natural ingredients in their content, Park Avenue took a bold attempt to unveil a beverage-processed shampoo which received an interesting welcome across the globe in several countries.
    • The shampoo sure lathers well, ultimately removing dirt and other impurities from the hair and scalp.
  • The sour fragrance isn’t preferred by a few yet this hair cleanser has a lot of positive reviews on the Internet due to its other beneficial features.
  • Many claim this is one of the much-appreciated innovations in the cosmetic industry as it mainly focuses on adding life to dull lifeless hair.

Bottomline: In a nutshell, Park Avenue’s beer shampoo is a must-try as it has a good proportion of raw beer in its content; whereas, on the contrary, this might not be the best option for frizzy, unruly hair.

If you are someone who prefers to keep it natural yet looking forward to gaining the natural benefits of beer can give a try on the several home remedies and hair masks available on the web.


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