Difference between french fries and finger chips


To be honest, potatoes have been a blessing to the mankind. What is there in this universe that cannot be done with potatoes? From being a key ingredient to almost all the Indian dishes to a beauty aid and even used to create a fine art. There is an endless list of how potatoes can be relished as well as used. But the most popular and delicious use of potatoes are those long thin strips of peeled potatoes, which are deep fried and served with our favourite dip.

What you call this dish solely depends on where you live. If you live in America, you would call it french fries and if you happen to be a native of Britain or even the South Asian continent, you will call it finger chips. Either you call them finger chips or french fries, it would still remain that golden coloured deep fried julienne potatoes, but believe it or not, there is a difference between the two.

Yes, the method by which they are prepared is slightly different from each other. Though cooking them is a piece of cake, you really need to differentiate between the french fries and the finger chips so that you could brag a little about the knowledge to your counterparts.

When you go on making finger chips, what do you do? You simply peel the potatoes and cut them into long thin strips and drop those strips into a super hot oil and deep fry them.
After the potato strips turn golden brown in colour, transfer it to a plate and start wolfing the fries down. Sit back while we talk about the other aspect of the coin; the french fries. In the making of french fries, potatoes are peeled and cut in the same way as the finger chips, but here comes the difference.

After you deep fry the julienne potatoes, you do not directly start gobbling them up, but you drain the excess oil from the fried potato strips and let them cool completely. After it, you again get them deep fried until the potatoes attain a gorgeous golden brown colour. To cut a long story short, where finger chips are deep fried only once, french fries on the other hand, are deep fried twice.

Do you realise, how two indulgences of almost similar names come up with different in cooking methods! This is the game of languages. You call soccer in America, but British would call it football. Similarly, Americans would call them french fries, but British would love to call them finger chips or potato chips. Whatsoever may be the case, let them call whatever they want to, but a beautiful pile of long thin golden french fries or finger chips would do any day and satiate our craving for some potato indulgence.



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