Can vegetarian food help build muscles without using supplements?


Many guys believe only supplements can help them build muscles. This illusion is completely wrong. Do you know following a proper vegetarian diet and weightlifting programs can help you build muscles? Even caffeine and creatine has the ability to boost up your muscles. Strictly follow the 4 rules to strengthen your muscles without harming animals.
Daily intake of protein-rich food

Yes, for vegetarians it can’t be so simple. You know, there are different types of vegetarians included like lacto-vegetarians, vegans, lacto-ovo vegeterians, and pescatarians. Whatever type of vegan diet you follow, protein diet is a must with proper exercise to boost up muscles. What about having whey and casein powder, they are milk byproducts so vegans can strictly have them.

Go for plant protein

There are plenty of vegetarian protein sources you can try for and they are equally good when compared to animal protein products. Some of the popular sources you can include in your diet are:
• Hemp protein: Hemp seeds are rich in magnesium and iron and also packed with omega 3s.
• Pea protein: The easy to digest pea protein remains cholesterol-free and they are good for vegetarians.
• Soy protein: The most prominent vegetarian alternative remains soy protein and they are incredibly low in fat and cholesterol. Soy comes in a different flavor, so they make a great option for you to opt.
Find out for deficiencies

If you have been vegetarian for years, you are likely to be deficient in iron, calcium, and zinc. Iron get absorb easily into your body and they are found in vegetable-based food like lentils, spinach, dried peas and fruits, kale and beans. Females are likely to remain anemic if they experience iron deficiency. Calcium is vital to keep bones strong, so your vegetarian diet must include calcium rich veggies like spinach, broccoli, and almond. Vegans should consume zinc product like walnut, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, and oatmeal.
Exercise properly

To increase your muscle size, you need to lift a moderate amount of weight. Utilize 65% to 85% of one repetition and perform at least 12 repetitions. For maximum muscle growth, target one area of your body each session. You must perform chest and shoulder exercise as one session and then comes the back and biceps. The third session you may concentrate on leg exercise.

Make sure your training is supervised by a qualified trainer or health professional. With a healthy lifestyle and required vegan diet, you will be able to build muscles evening without in taking supplements.


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