8 Reasons why you should eat Pomelo


Pomelo is not a fruit that is easily available all across the globe. This fruit which originated in Malaysia and the Southeast has now found at home in the tropics. They come under the family of grapefruits.

  • Low calories and fat

Pomelo fruit is a favorite among people who are dieting. They contain absolutely no fat and also give you enough nutrients.

A cup full of Pomelo does not even contain 80 calories. Apparently Pomelo has an enzyme that will burn fat, along with giving you only a few calories on its consumption.

  • Fiber

Pomelo has a fiber content of 8%. When you eat Pomelo, you experience a sense of fullness that comes from eating low calorie fiber.

  • Antioxidant

The Pomelo as a fruit is antioxidant in nature. It kills the free radicals that can attack the body, thus preventing the occurrence of various diseases.

  • Good heart health

Pomelo is rich in various nutrients that are good for our health. It is rich in potassium and calcium that help lower blood pressure that in turn lets our heart function as it normally should.

The pectin that is present in Pomelo will help in clearing out the impurities in the arteries and reduce the occurrence of blocks. People on blood thinning medication need to control their potassium intake so as not to cause any complications.

  • Hangovers

Pomelo is said to be consumed to cure hangovers. So if you’ve overdone it on the drinks department the previous night, there is nothing more refreshing and calming than waking up to a glass of Pomelo juice.

  • Fight cancer

The ancient Chinese used to use Pomelo in most of their treatments of illness. The rind of the Pomelo is dried and powdered to be used in herbal medication.

The rind of the Pomelo is rich in bioflavonoids that prevent cancer cells from multiplying. So help your body fight cancer by eating Pomelo.

  • Add extra taste

Pomelo is a tasty fruit that is refreshing like all other citrus fruits. Consider using it as a marinade, in sauces or even as a dressing for salads. It has a tangy taste that adds a twist to your food and tongue.

  • Anti-aging

Pomelos are full of spermadine that protects the cells in our body from damage and keep us young. Spermadine has proven to increase the lifespan of our cells and prevent damage.

So if you are one of those lucky people who get Pomelo in the markets next to you, don’t miss out on the health benefits of this fruit.


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