7 Shocking Foods That Deprive Your Sleep


Eating right before you go to bed is a recipe to gain weight and sleep poorly. It also damages the tissue of your throat and esophagus. This will lead to indigestion where the sufferers get sore throats, difficulty in swallowing and chronic coughs.

If you want to hit the fridge before you sleep, here are the ones which you should never grab.


It relaxes the valves that connect the stomach and esophagus. When this happens, your body is unable to keep the food where it belongs. If you just had alcohol before going to bed, chances are you will have high reflux.


Coffee has caffeine which generates additional stomach acid. It is acidic in nature which might disrupt your sleep


It is a high-fat food and when you consume, the hard varieties such as Swiss and Parmesan have less reflux effect than the softer types such as mozzarella and feta.


When it comes to talking about reflux, it is a fat and nuts contain unsaturated fat which should be avoided before bed. Some of the worst nuts are Walnuts, Cashew nuts, peanuts, and macadamias.


Citrus are highly acidic in nature. A glass of green apple or orange juice can be your worst choices.

Soda is one of the worst choices to consume before sleeping. It is highly acidic than any other food. The acid damages the valves and carbonation increases the stomach pressure.


Certain flavors are high in fat which relaxes and comforts the valves. It also contains caffeine and a lesser known stimulant called theobromine making it a triple whammy.

The options left is to take anything that is as low in acids such as bananas, a bowl of low sugar cereal with low-fat milk or chamomile tea which is soothing and fills up your stomach and avoids the food hunger at night.


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