6 Natural Ingredients You Should Add To Your Winter Skincare Routine


Winter calls for extra care of our skin due to harsh weather. Most of us have to deal with flaky, rough, dry and chapped dermal layers despite using hydrating products. Therefore, here are some natural items you can find at home and use to elevate your skincare game.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is known for its nourishing properties that keep the skin moisturised. It also adds natural radiance to your face. You can use it to massage your face and leave it overnight to work its magic. You can also apply it to your body after a bath. It will help with rough patches.


Raw milk can be your go-to natural product to deal with various skin problems in winter. It has lactic acid and antioxidants that smoothen out the flaky dermal layer. It also helps with dark spots and tanning. It can be combined with almond powder, turmeric powder, papaya, honey and oatmeal.

Egg White

Egg white is another natural ingredient you can use in winter to cater to multiple dermal issues, including blackheads and whiteheads. It offers moisturisation to the skin and helps it combat redness and rashes. You can mix it with honey, lemon, oranges, yoghurt, etc.

Coconut Oil

There is no depth to the benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair. It could be a little tricky to use in summer, especially if you have an oily dermal layer. However, in winter, it is one of the best natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated.

If you take a long hot water bath, you might see your body shedding a dermal layer that even gets attached to your clothes. You should apply the oil right after the bath because open pores allow for quicker and deeper absorption of it.


Bananas are good for your overall health because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. They have potassium and abundant hydrating agents to turn the rough skin soft and supple.

You can make a paste of banana and apply it to your face during the afternoon. The fruit also helps the skin combat early signs of ageing, like wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps with irritated dermal layers by acting as a soothing agent.


Curd is an ingredient that you must add to your skincare regime, irrespective of the weather. It has lactic acid that helps to tighten pores and fight premature signs of ageing.

Curd also has vitamin D, which offers a soothing effect on dry and flaky skin. It leaves the skin feeling moisturised and hydrated.

Disclaimer: Before you apply any of the products or natural masks, do a patch test to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredient.


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