5 Weird tips to lose weight in just 10 days!


There are endless articles on the Internet on how to shed those extra pounds. While most of the tips seem appealingly easy to ready, the practicality is always in question. It will be simply one or two days before you start gulping that cheesecake. So, why is that we are never able to follow rules? Why do we give up even before making a genuine attempt?

It’s basically the temptation to eat that’s making your weight loss goals an unachievable feat. Yes, those delicious meals look so appetizing that you almost forget that you had a diet plan in mind. Thank us later; here are some strange tips that do

Hang a mirror

Sounds quite insane but stats reveal when people actually hang a mirror in front of them while eating, they seem to be aware of how much they consume. Starring at one’s own image will help curb the amount of food one intakes. It might be due to the feeling of guilt that’s making a human brain work this way. Not a bad idea, after all!

Use Smaller Plates

Here again, most of the time, this kind of works when you want to cut down your calorie intake. Using a smaller bowl or plate for your meal psychologically signals you to turn down that extra serving. The number of times you re-fill your plate is subsequently reduced, letting you eat less.

Watch a comical movie

This doesn’t really deal with eating less, but inclined more towards losing calories without having to actually get off that comfortable couch. Yes, laughing your heart out not only relieves you from stress but also ensures you burn quite a few calories at ease. Make sure you don’t much on that pop corn though.

Click a pic

This is nothing but making a note of how many meals you consumed in a 24-hour time. Earlier people used to use a diary and now things have changed and the world has ended up doing the same with photos. Categorize these into a separate album and view your snaps at the end of the day to make a noticeable difference.

Have a companion during meals

Eating alone seems to have a not-so-good effect on your food intake. People generally tend to take 3 times the calories while they eat alone than being with a company. It’s high time you gather up a few of your friends time and again to be cautious about your weight gain.

So, if you are on a weight loss plan, apart from the regular routines, it is wise to follow a few out-of-the-box tricks that ensure you achieve your feat pretty soon.


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