5 Home Workout Moves That Might Inspire You to Quit the Gym


These powerhouse moves get you toned, fast—and require nothing more than a little floor space and a few minutes of your time.

Can’t bear to drag yourself to the gym? Maybe it’s the stench of other people’s sweat. Maybe it’s your jam-packed schedule. Or maybe you just. Don’t. Wanna. All legit reasons—who are we to judge? The only thing we ask is: Do this simple 5-move workout instead.

Take it from New York City-based certified fitness instructor Jessica Bailey: You owe it to yourself to keep moving. “Play whatever music you want, get moving at whatever time you want,” she says. “Just try these 5 moves to keep you healthy, happy and feeling fit.” This do-anywhere, no-equipment home workout just might become your favorite routine.

Walk-Out Push-Up
“The walk-out push-up targets multiple muscle groups and gets your heart rate up,” promises Bailey. From standing, fold forward at the hips and walk hands forward on the floor until your spine is neutral and you’re in the push-up starting position (bend your knees if you must, but aim for straight legs). Perform a full push-up, then walk hands back toward your feet and slowly roll up, one vertebrae at a time, head last. “I like to set a timer and aim for 45-60 seconds. Do as many as you can in this time. If it’s 4, that’s ok. Next time you will do 5

Wall Sit
“This move is hard but so effective for leg strength.” With chest high, back straight, and weight evenly distributed between legs, press your back, shoulders, and head against the wall (no slouching!). Squeeze glutes and lower your body to knee level (like a chair), with hips in line with knees, knees in line with second toe, and hands in prayer position. Hold for 30-45 seconds.

Jumping Jacks
Yes, Jacks are old-school, but Bailey says we need plyometrics in our sedentary lives. Aim for 30 seconds and concentrate on controlled movements in order to work multiple muscle groups and get your heart rate up.

The hands-down best ab exercise you can do is the plank. “I teach this move in every class,” says Bailey. “It engages so many muscles including your abs, back, shoulders, glutes, calves, thighs…the list goes on.” In a push-up style position, bend arms at elbows, resting weight on forearms. Square shoulders over the crease of your elbow and lift hips in line with shoulders. Tighten abs, clench your glutes, and keep your body straight from head to heels. Aim for 30 seconds, rest and repeat.

Hip Bridge
“I love this move because it makes my brain engaged as well as my hamstrings, glutes and back,” says Bailey. Focus on foot placement, weight distribution, breathing, and keep your toes on the floor. Lower hips all the way down to the floor and then lift them up the the sky, placing weight on the shoulders not the neck. Aim for 2 sets of 10 reps with a 20 second rest between sets.


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