5 Habits of Super Healthy People


5 Habits of Super Healthy People: How to start your healthy life now!

Drink a LOT of water

Drinking around 8 servings of 8-12ozs of water is optimal for staying hydrated. Keep a large bottle of water on you serve as a reminder to drink up! I use a bottle with a built-in straw and this encourages me to drink more (because I’m drinking faster)! For those who find the taste (or lack thereof) boring – add some citrus or a non-caffeinated tea to make it palatable. I drink enough water that by dinnertime, I have achieved my water intake for the day! Believe me – you feel SO AMAZING when you’re hydrated. Another tip: hot-room temp water is amazing for your digestion, and when your gut is working well, YOU are working well!

Know Your Food’s Nutritional Value

Healthy eating is not that difficult, but steer clear of quick-fixes and short-cuts. Pro tip: this does NOT work, and the results DO NOT last!

Healthy eating consists of foods RICH in nutrients (see below). Paying attention to the nutrient content of your foods helps you design a meal ‘plan’ that works best for you. Apps like ‘My Fitness Pal’ are great resources for checking the nutrition content of food with and without labels. You can also input the food from restaurant menus around the world! You don’t need to memorize every nutritional detail and numbers, but after familiarizing yourself with common healthy meals, you’ll naturally gain a sense of the nutritional value of many items and meals, helping you make more educated choices. Please enjoy the process of eating well; it’ll change your life.

Eat the Same Things Daily (aka Meal Plan)

Yep, this may sound boring, but here’s the deal: Eating foods with well-balanced nutritional value will improve your digestion. You don’t have to eat the same thing every single day, but try meal-planning with your favorite recipes and groups of nutritious foods so instead of feeling confined or restricted, it feels balanced and easy!

Your ideal meal contains good fiber, healthy carbs, your best choice of protein, and some fat. This concept really works, and you will see results in your weight and your overall vitality, and the progress of these things give you a surge of motivation! Try eating consistently well for one whole month and you WILL see results! On the weekends, treat yourself, and you’ll notice certain cravings will have changed for the better!

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods in Moderation

Deprivation invites temptation and this is the reason why people fall into ‘yo-yo’ dieting, and results either don’t show or don’t last at all. My family and I follow a meal plan throughout the week (it’s not formal; it’s purely second-nature). We enjoy our favorite restaurants/meals on the weekend, then we pick back up again.

If you enjoy chocolate, choose dark chocolate over 70% add some coconut flakes, banana, peanut butter; you’ll want less because it’s rich. Satisfy your cravings in moderation or find the healthiest alternative for your cravings. Sweet potatoes are great for curbing your sweet tooth. Do some research on healthier alternatives for food cravings, and you’ll make progress!

Eliminate ‘dangerous’ foods from your kitchen

This intervention does not only benefit you, but everyone in your household. If your weakness is ice cream, keeping a tub in the freezer will only make you attack it on a day when your cravings are intense. Again, look up craving alternatives and understand WHY you are craving so much of a certain thing, chances are your body is wanting something more nutritious and valuable. Listen to your body.

A healthy lifestyle is possible for everyone, but it comes with practice, perseverance and knowledge. Arm yourself with the right knowledge and work to persevere! Once you adopt these practices, you will notice changes, you will become physically and mentally stronger, and you won’t look back!


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