4 healthy dessert ideas!


Be it heartbreak or a summer getaway, there is never a dull moment with a spoonful of dessert. Now, how many of you out there are already drooling over the sound of this word? Yes, as mouth-watering it is to even discuss those choco lava cakes and lychee ice creams, it is evident that the calorie count will reach sky-high without doubt. We hardly think about its fat or sugar content when all that matters is how soothing and delicious it is to the taste buds.

But, don’t you think it’s time we pay some attention to how much sugar, dairy, and artificial flavoring have gone into these. Instead of actually being skeptical about relishing your favorite sweet, here are ways you can turn them healthy.

1. Fiber-rich banana bread

Loaded with iron and magnesium, whole wheat banana bread seems to be one of the tastiest delicacies we can rely on. Since ripe banana is used in the making, there isn’t a need to add white sugar. But, in case, you have a sweet tooth that craves more, you can always add a fruit topping or maple syrup to complete the dessert. Include a sprinkle of nuts to enhance the nutritional value.

2. Peanut butter mousse

Well, tempting enough? Wait, you definitely aren’t going to fill up that jar entirely with peanut butter though. Strawberry and banana slices are here to fill up the jar and do the layering. A great alternative to your regular mousse recipes, peanut butter is absolutely nutritional when consumed in the right amounts.

3. Pumpkin cookies

While it is quite a Herculean task to prepare this, you can always store-buy them and serve as a dessert. The goodness of pumpkin puree is something both your body and taste buds will appreciate. Yes, the taste is superiorly different from the regular ones adding a bit of nutritional value without much effort. You can also garnish these goodies with cinnamon powder and fresh cream to make it rich.

4. Oatmeal crispies

A crunchy dessert that is best served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream; oatmeal crispies are one of the best ways to satiate your dessert cravings. The fun part is that these could be prepared at home provided you have a good baking oven in hand. Garnish it with blueberries and you are simply done becoming the best chef ever.

There are a million other healthy dessert recipes you’d find on the Internet. So, the next time you decide to serve your kids a delicious dessert, make sure they are healthy too. High levels of sugar and fat content is(are) neither good for your kid nor you.


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