30 Ways To Follow In Life!


Keeping the mind and body safe largely depends on our lifestyle. That is, it depends on our diet, sleep, physical activity, daily activities, and habits. Making the necessary changes in lifestyle will keep the mind and body safe.

01. Drink plenty of water.

02. Breakfast should be eaten like a king / queen, lunch like a prince / princess, and dinner like a beggar.

03. Eat more natural foods and fruits and avoid processed foods.

04. Set aside time for exercise and prayer.

05. Play as much as possible every day.

06. Read a lot of books.

07. Relax in solitude for 10 minutes a day.

08. Get at least 7 hours of sleep.

09. Walk for at least 10 to 30 minutes.

10. Never compare yourself to anyone else. The route they travel / take is different. Your path is different.

11. Never mind negative thoughts.

12. Do as much work as you can. Do not overdo it.

13. Do not waste your energy on talking about others.

14. Dream a lot about the future when you are awake. It will keep your mind active.

15. Being jealous of the next person is a waste of time. You have what you need.

16. Try to forget the past. The past will distort your present.

17. Do not hate anyone during this short period of living.

18. Learn to always be happy.

19. Life is a school. You have come to learn. Problems and issues are lessons here.

20. Please say no in places where you have to say no. This will solve many problems early on.

21. If you are abroad or abroad, keep in touch with family, friends, and loved ones often by phone or letter.

22. Practice forgiveness.

23. Take time to look after those over 70 and those under 6.

24. Never worry about what others will think.

25. Practice respecting your friends.

26. Do what is right in your mind right away.

27. Give thanks to the Lord every day.

28. Happiness is what is in your heart. Keep searching and enjoying it.

29. Remove what gives you happiness, what gives you beauty, what gives you peace of mind.

30. Have faith that any situation will definitely change one day


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