15 Must-haves when you visit the tropical


The tropics are the dream destination for many. When you hit the tropics you should not be unequipped when you reach there. You need to enjoy the sun, sand and culture of the place that you visit. When you land there you should not worry about not having anything to wear or whether you packed enough sunscreen. Research on the topics and even read about the experiences of other travellers so that you know what to pack and what not to miss when you visit the place.


Pack those shades to protect yourself from the sun and keep yourself cool. Stay protected and be stylish.

Bathing suit

When you head to the tropics it is inevitable that you jump into the sea. Plan months in advance so that you can get your body ready to don a sexy bikini.


Protect your skin and body from the harmful effects of the suns UV rays. Buy a lotion that provides the maximum protection.

Digital camera

Don’t forget to capture the magical moments that you spend on your vacation in print for you and your future generations to view.

Lip gloss

A touch of gloss is going to give you a glamorous edge. You can use it on your night out for dinner.

A novel

When you are sun bathing or simply bored, don’t forget to take a novel which you can read and let your mind do the imagination.

Shorts and tees

When you roam around the city, nothing can get more comfy than a pair of shorts with a t-shirt.


Feel free and relax by listening to your favorite lists on your I-pod. They come in handy even when you are sitting idle at the airports or anything other long waits.

Dresses and sandals

The tropics call for cotton outfits and nothing can be better than a cotton dress with the right head gear to look sexy.

A sun visor or hat

Protect yourself from the heat by using a hat or a visor.


When you hop out of the pool you can use a stylish sarong to wrap yourself instead of a boring old towel.

A guide book

Learn all about the place that you are visiting. A guidebook will help you out on the places to visit, the shopping haunts and much more.


The tropics are not the place for you to wear your sexy pair of stilettos. A pair of flip-flops are the best worn in the sand and even around the town. Flip-flops can be the sexy new you.

Mosquito repellent

You can expect to be bombarded by a lot of mosquitoes on your trip to the tropics. So be prepared and carry a mosquito repellent in the form of a lotion or patch, whichever suits you best.

Body spray for humid climate

The tropics are often humid due to which you will sweat. Don’t forget to carry high intensity body sprays so that you don’t drive away the people standing next to you because of the stench coming off you.

Now that you are all set with what you have to pack in your bags, don’t forget to enjoy your vacation. Stay safe!


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