10 Biggest Back Pain Mistakes You’re Making


Is your back hurting? Do you want to know the most common back pain mistakes you often do without realizing them? Read on, because ignoring the pain and lack of care are mistakes you cannot afford to make.

Here Are a Few Stats for You

If you are suffering from back pain, remember it’s not just you! According to research 20% of adults in the US report back pain due to stress at work and home. More than 32.5% of people aged 65 years and older report low back pain. And 49% of adults suffer back pain at some point in their life.

Let’s discuss the most common back pain mistakes that sufferers make. Unknowingly, these mistakes can make your pain worse and cause a delay in recovery. You’ll be surprised to know a few of them!

1. Ignoring the Pain Is One of the Common Back Pain Mistakes

When it comes to your back, you need to be responsible. You need to find immediate assistance and acknowledge every sign your body throws on you. Ignoring the pain can make the situation worse.

2. Not Dealing with It the First Time

What do you do when you experience back pain for the first time?

Take rest? Apply a gel? Or opt for painkillers?

It is the biggest back pain mistakes you can make!

Do not ignore the first time symptom. Consult the doctor immediately and explain the pain. All back pains are not related to your back! Ignoring and never addressing the problem can lead to other issues. Simple denial is the main reason for frequent and recurring pain.

3. Treating Only the Pain

This is one of the common back pain mistakes you should not ignore. Treating only the pain instead of the problem can lead to repetitive trauma. Pain killers can only reduce the pain but it will not treat the root cause. Treating pain is essential however, it shouldn’t end there. One must get rid of the problem by analyzing the underlying cause.

4. Continuing the Treatment That Doesn’t Work 

Many people continue back pain treatment for a month or two even if they don’t see any improvement. If something isn’t working out well, do not waste your time and money.

5. Exercising and Over-Training without Professional Advice

Exercising can hurt muscles and if you continue to do without professional assistance, you will see yourself in trouble.

6. Not Understanding the Process of Cure

Back pain is a process and it doesn’t develop overnight. It develops slowly over time. It can be due to muscle imbalances, wear and tear of tissues, and age-related illness. Sometimes you will not even feel the pain. The key to treat back pain is to know about your own body, find imbalances, and get immediate cure.

7. Trying Everything Is Not Possible

Do not attempt to try all possible medicines and treatments available. It is not possible to try all of them and there isn’t a need. Have the patience to complete the treatment and medicines prescribed by your physician. Follow the diet routine, exercise pattern, or any other recommendations prescribed by them.

8. Not Following the Instructions Given by the Doctors

Back pain treatments may last for more than a week or month. Whether it’s exercise or therapy, sufferers should be responsible and follow the instructions given by the doctors. Following the instructions, regular visits, cooperation during the entire treatment process is essential for complete care. You should also be open to various treatment options.

9. Denying the Doctor’s Advice

You must stay positive and show a healthy attitude but that doesn’t mean you can ignore your doctor’s advice. Completely denying and not listening to experts is one of the common back pain mistakes made by majority of sufferers. Listen to your body and listen to what the doctors say.

10. Accepting for Surgery Soon

Many people want back pain to be cured immediately and they accept surgery very soon. Surgery should be the last option for back pain. It is hard to recover and be normal after surgery so do not choose it as a quick option. Always consider an alternative solution, simple exercises, and therapies before opting for surgery.

Back pain builds for years and your body is at risk over the age of 40. Incorrectly stretching the wrong muscles during an exercise, trying to combat back pain by strengthening only your back, resting your back to avoid pain are some of the back pain mistakes that you must avoid. Repetitive trauma comes from modern life and luckily there are better treatments to bounce back from pain, feel young and treat muscular imbalances.

Keep yourself away from these worst back destroying mistakes and leave a happy life.


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