White Pearl Albino Caviar most expensive food item in the world.


White Pearl Albino Caviar is perhaps the most expensive food item in the world. Made from rare albino fish eggs, this caviar can be as costly as $300,000 per kilogram. The fish called albino beluga that produces this very rare caviar lived in the Caspian Sea originally, but they are now almost extinct in their native environment.

Why Is Caviar So Expensive?
The price of a specific caviar can generally be broken down into the following 5 cost factors:
Type of fish (species scarcity / availability)
Time it takes to produce roe (maturation)
Harvesting and manufacturing (process)
Quality of the salted roe (grading)
Supply & demand (sourcing & popularity)
Obviously, this generalization is not all-encompassing, and cannot narrow down every cost component of each roe type from every available source world-wide, but, by individually breaking down the above 5 items we can get a broader view of how caviar products get their price tags. All of the expenses incurred by caviar producers are strongly connected to both the rarity of the eggs themselves and all their associated processing costs. Let’s dive into the 5 main expense factors for a closer examination .




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