Tricks to Enjoy Holiday Parties without Worrying about Weight Loss


It is the time of the year when your tummy doesn’t cooperate with you, and it is hard to control your cravings for desserts, wine and much more. One part of you says you live only once while the other says don’t dare to touch the carbs. Stuck between them? Chill out! Depriving yourself of delicious food will only make you feel frustrated. Follow some simple tricks to enjoy holiday parties while keeping an eye on your weight.

4 Tricks to Enjoy Holiday Parties, Never Mind Weight Gain

Holiday weight gain is common. The holiday season hardly lasts for 8 weeks, and you have 44 weeks left to work hard and compensate for the gained pounds. But it is always better to watch what you eat rather than striving hard for weight loss. Follow these tricks to enjoy guilt-free parties.

  • Mindful Eating
  • Munch on healthy snacks
  • Say no to alcohol
  • Guzzle gallons of water and have a good night’s sleep

1. Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is the key to avoid weight gain during the holiday season. The trick is to indulge in moderation and acknowledge a few cravings. Enjoy holiday parties with special dishes you only get during holidays and try to avoid staple food. Holiday foods are generally loaded with carbs and have low protein. It is wise to include more protein in your diet which will inhibit calorie intake by reducing appetite.

2. Munch on Healthy Snack

The best trick for weight loss is to avoid unhealthy processed foods that are sugar-laden. Instead, opt for healthy snacks that you can munch on guilt-free. Fasting till evening to gobble on party foods is not the right option. Snack on nuts and fiber-rich foods in the day. The good fats in nuts will keep you feeling full for a long time. Have this survival kit handy to stay fit during the holidays.

3. Say No to Alcohol

When you think of Christmas, the first thing that comes to your mind is wine. Alcohol is the worst enemy of weight loss. It induces appetite and will make you consume more unwanted calories. To avoid Christmas weight gain, stay away from wine. Less wine is fine. It is better to plan for white Christmas, not the red. Go for a spritzer that has sparkling water and less wine to refresh with your bunch of friends.

4. Guzzle Gallons of Water and Have Good Sleep

To stay fit, hydration is key. Water helps you flush out toxins from your body. Gulp more water to protect yourself from dehydration. Are you getting enough sleep this holiday season? Sleep plays a vital role in making you stay fit. Sleep deprivation elevates the level of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite. It is advisable to get adequate sleep for better appetite control.

Staying near the table all the time will only make you gorge on calories. Instead, reach for your friends and have a calorie-free conversation with your buddies. Bumping into your favorite people and indulging in lip-smacking dishes once a year is not a big deal. Make use of these tips to enjoy holiday parties and shun holiday weight gain.


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