Why you should start doing squats?


Squats are among the workouts that can engage and transform your whole body. But you need to be consistent in your workouts and should also maintain proper form with full awareness to reap the benefits of this exercise.

Squats tone your body well. While doing squats, try to imagine as if you are going to sit in a chair while bending. Your back should be kept straight and your head should not bend.

If you wish to squats with dumbbells in your hands or other types of weights, do so only in the presence of your gym trainer as such moves may cause injuries if not done carefully with the proper form.

Before doing squats, warm up your body by stretching and running on the spot for a few minutes. If you have any health issues or joint problems, never perform squats before consulting a physician.

So, what happens to you after doing squats?

1. Certain areas of your lower body get strengthened.

This workout is beneficial for your core, legs, hamstrings, calves and various other muscles in your lower part.

2. Bones and joints become stronger

When your bones and joints are strengthened, you will be able to prevent osteoporosis and certain fitness injuries.

3. The body gets better in balancing

Your balancing skills get better. This will make your daily activities effortless. You will be able to bend easily.

4. You can do it anywhere

As you don’t need any equipment, you will be able to perform squats almost anywhere.

5. The body posture gets better

As your core muscles and surrounding muscles get strengthened, your posture gets better. Sitting, walking and bending become graceful movements.

6. Hormonal changes

Weight loss goals become easier when your testosterone and human growth hormone kick in. Also, your muscles grow faster.

7. Your butt gets toned

If you want a beautiful behind, you can rely on squats as they tone the muscles in that area.

8. Strengthens calf-muscles

This workout can make your legs look muscular, shapely and beautiful. Try it out.


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