WHO Magazine’s Most Beautiful People


What is beautiful in 2019? According to WHO Magazine’s Most Beautiful People, it’s not just the ability to look glamorous on a glossy magazine spread, although that helps.

Many of those featured in the edition, out today, have also demonstrated endurance — whether it be in their careers or personal or health battles.

Among them is one of Australia’s best known identities, actress turned radio host and author, Kate Ritchie. The 40-year-old mother of one stars on the cover of this week’s edition, and said her definition of beauty had changed in recent years.

“The older I get, I think defining beauty is more about a feeling rather than something you can set your eyes on,” she told the magazine.

“These days I see so much beauty when I’m in my garden and it’s a whole combination of what I can see and the ease I feel when I’m there.”

WHO acting editor Stacey Hicks said this year’s issue highlighted people who had not only endured, but thrived.

“They are obviously all beautiful to look at, but they’re so much more than that. They’re strong, powerful, confident mums or they’re dominating whatever field they’re working in,” she said.

Others to feature in the special edition include burns survivor, author and mother Turia Pitt, new mother and Home and Away actress Penny McNamee, Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins, reality TV stars Sam Wood and wife Snezana, Australia’s Eurovision representative Kate Miller-Heidke and soccer star Caitlin Foord.

“They’re names that pop up again and again as fascinating people and interesting characters — those Australian sweethearts,” Hicks said.

“It was a common thread that shone through, they are genuinely beautiful people but not just in looks, but in personality.”

International names on the list include Helen Mirren, Lady Gaga, Jane Fonda and David Beckham.

Another Home and Away alumnus Isla Fisher has had a long and successful career, most recently in Hollywood. She told the magazine that professionally, she felt most beautiful when she was on the red carpet in a tailored dress.

“But personally, I feel really beautiful when I’m just at home with my family, no make-up on and just playing with my kids,” Fisher, 43, said.

Pitt, who is mother to Hakavai, said she found beauty in nature, such as a sunset or surf. She hoped her new book, Good Selfie, would inspire young people to persevere through whatever challenges came their way. “I want Hakavai to know that everyone has hard times — he will too, and I want him to know that he will be able to get through them,” she said.

Rising star Miranda Tapsell, who is receiving rave reviews for Top End Wedding — a film she starred in, directed and produced — was photographed on a Darwin beach for the magazine.

Tapsell’s starring turn in ABC series Get Krack!n has also contributed to the buzz surrounding the 31-year-old. She said American actress Viola Davis defined beauty, because of her passion, grace and her motto “dream big and dream fierce”.

She said she felt most beautiful when she made people laugh. “Internally, it’s how much I care for people around me,” she said.

“Even though I might not know people very well, I’ll still treat them like they’re my friend. A lot of people have said how much they appreciate my warmth and generosity, so when people say that it means a lot.”


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