What Are the Signs of Mild Depression?

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The signs of depression are sorrow or chronic distress and low-moods. If you are aware of them simply don’t ignore them. They will become worse because…

Depression Haunts!

Spaced out with some melancholy? Are sad feelings haunting your inner self?

Know the Types of Depression

  •  Mild depression
  • Moderate depression
  • Severe depression

“When you begin to blame yourself, like Why me? That is the beginning stage of mild depression.”

Mild depression can be called as low-grade depression means not a severe kind. It will occur when you undergo strong emotions like dejection, hopelessness, despair. These are beginners for mild depression.

 Depression can be anything that makes you sad or haunting feeling, For example – when a person undergoes break-up, lost a loved one and you begin to lament!

Signs of Depression

Let’s get to know about signs of depression and how they can be treated.

1. Lack of Interest in Life

“Depression won’t haunt you!

So fight back 

With healthy thoughts!”

Don’t let depression ruin your daily life. It seems hard to focus on daily activities. Yet it is possible to come out from depression. It’s all about trying. Depression causes many falls in your daily life. They never allow you to do hobbies, eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

2. Anxiety

When you go through a deep depression, you must crave the opportunity to live in thoughts. You just let the dark thoughts haunt you. You started feeling sorrow and even after recalling happy moments of your life you can’t feel the joy.


  • Panic attack and nervousness
  • Heavy breathes and sweating
  • Lack of concentration
  • The feeling of danger or shocking

3. A Drastic Change in Food Habits and Weight Loss

Due to depression, people fail to eat on time or on the opposite, some people may gain weight! It varies person to person.

4. Self Harm or Think of Death!

Depression leads people to think of suicide or self-harm. As per Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, around 42,000 people died due to suicide attempts in the united states in 2013.

5. Indulges in Alcohol or Drugs!

Mild depression defines mood disorder, continuous sadness, and these signs include a lack of happiness in life. When youngsters have gone through the grief they indulge in alcohol or consume drugs to ease themselves. Teenagers urge to drink or take drugs so that they can neglect the depression. They failed to cope up with current situations and come to a conclusion swiftly.


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder, you may stay awake the entire night or finding difficult to get some sleep. To get out from this you must reduce the depression first, it may increase your hopelessness high, and lead you to face mental health disorders.

The emotions like repent, worthless, sadness completely causing insomnia.

Treatment for Mild Depression

Mild depression won’t become a serious situation. Though it is better to get the doctor’s precaution before it turns into something severe. If you visit the doctor he/she can analyze the level of depression that you currently undergo.

Mild depression will fade after practicing below activities because it lasts for a short period only.

Mild Depression Can Be Cured with Simple Lifestyle Changes!

  • Walking in the park and get some fresh air.
  • Try to do some meditation to calm yourself.
  • Make a habit of doing exercise.
  • Eating fresh foods or your favorite food it will definitely change your mood.
  • Have a healthy conversation with a loved one or the person to whom you are comfortable with.
  • Listening to some good music, reading books, watching comedy videos will heal your state of mind.


If you feel like you can’t get over from mood disorder, kindly take doctor’s advice or visit a psychiatrist. Hence, these are the major signs of depression for a mild level which can be treated with healthy practices as we discussed above.


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