Ways to Free Your Mind Immediately


At times, you might have thoughts that you would rather not have, such as persistent worries, recurring concerns, or a visit from anxiety. Often, the more you try to free your mind from these thoughts, the louder they become.

For example: try not to think about a big pink elephant. Chances are the more you concentrate on not thinking about the elephant, the more your mind will actually focus on that image. This is because the mind is not good at focusing on “not doing” something.

The best way to free your mind from unwanted thoughts is to engage it with other thoughts or to remove or resolve the cause of the thoughts you are having.

If your thinking is preventing you from living your life, getting on with your family, or going out and doing the things you want to do, it’s time to free your mind from the clutter and work on letting these thoughts go.

30 Simples Tips To Free Your Mind
If you really want to know how to get out of your head and free your mind, we’ve compiled some methods and tips you can use below.

1. Forgive
Forgiving another person (or yourself) can help you to move on from the past and release yourself from negative emotions and thoughts.

2. Meditate
If you’re wondering how to clear your mind of unwanted thoughts, try meditation.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to clear and free the mind. Doing so doesn’t have to involve burning candles and sitting in the lotus position; it can be sitting comfortably, allowing thoughts to enter your mind and pass through without engaging in them. Doing this for as little as ten minutes can be enough to free your mind from persistent or annoying thoughts.

3. Exercise
Exercising focuses the body on its physical requirements and takes your attention off your mind. Exercise also releases endorphins and lowers cortisol, often bringing about a more positive and happier mood.

4. Let Go of the Past
Letting go of the past allows you to free your mind in ways you never thought were possible. It helps you to focus on the here and now, and also allows you to choose more empowering thoughts.

5. Be Mindful
Being mindful is the practice of focusing the mind on everyday actions that you might normally do on autopilot. By practicing mindfulness, the mind concentrates on the task at hand rather than thoughts and feelings you might prefer not to have.

6. Practice EFT
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is something that can be learned quickly (in a matter of minutes) and can help you to feel better immediately. EFT is often also called “tapping”. EFT involves verbalizing the problem or issue at hand while using an affirmation phrase and tapping energy points on the body.

7. Stop Feeling Guilty
Guilt is an emotion that, when left unchecked, can escalate and leave you feeling trapped and powerless. Notice when you feel guilty. Then find ways to let go of these feelings and how you can resolve the issues.

8. Smile and Laugh
Research shows that you automatically feel better when you smile and laugh, even when you don’t feel like it! Your brain registers the movements of the muscles in your face when you smile and then releases hormones and chemicals that make you feel good. Your improved emotions make it easier to change how you are thinking. Therefore, it helps free your mind.

9. Watch a Funny Film
Are you wondering how to get out of your head? Watching a funny film is a great way to escape reality! Just taking time out to immerse yourself in another world with a good flick is often enough to break the cycle of over-thinking.

10. Stop People-Pleasing and Approval-Seeking Behaviors
Many people are people-pleasers or approval junkies, but engaging in these behaviors ultimately leaves you feeling trapped as though you are living your life for others.

11. Just Do It!
Do one thing today that scares you or that you’ve been putting off. Your mind will be brought into sharp focus thanks to the adrenaline your body produces.

12. Declutter Your Physical Possessions
Knowing how to get your mind off something is not an easy task. However, remember that a calming environment free from clutter can help you get into a more relaxed state of mind.

Without the distraction of clutter around, your mind focus tends to focus more on positive thoughts.

13. Visualize Yourself as the Person You Want to Be
Think of someone you admire and imagine how they would handle the thoughts you are having. Then visualize yourself acting in the same way.

Would that person be worrying about the same things? How do you think that person would handle stress or unwanted thoughts?

This exercise is the first step in becoming the change you see in the world and it starts with you.

14. Make the Decision to Let Go of Toxic Relationships and Nourish Positive Connections
Unhealthy relationships can lead to negative thoughts and stressful states. Nourishing positive relationships will enrich your life, filling your mind with more happy thoughts and memories.

15. Do One Thing Every Day to Work Towards a Dream
Everything starts with the first step. Identify your goal and the changes needed and make the decision to take that first leap.

Do you want to write a book? Start with 250 words a day.

Do you want to start a business? Start by working on your business plan for an hour each day.

16. Try Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a proven therapy that enables your subconscious thoughts to influence your unconscious and conscious thoughts and feelings. Hypnotherapy can help release phobias, fears, and anxiety along with feelings of depression.

17. Find Hobbies You Love
Do these more often! Engaging in a pastime you enjoy helps to promote a more mindful and meditative state of mind. This state allows the mind to relax and focus on the pursuit being undertaken, replacing other thoughts that may be occupying your mind.

18. Let Go of Regrets
Write a letter to yourself or make a list of all the things you would like to release. Burn it as a ritual and let the smoke cleanse you as you let all your negative thoughts and worries go.

19. Practice Self-Love
Honor yourself and your choices and let go of self-criticism and judgment:

20. Dance!
Move your body and let go of what you think you look like! This is guaranteed to alter your mood and free your mind.


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