Want to know the secret to a happy family Here are 9 habits that can help


Nurturing a happy family takes time and effort. Read on to know about the healthy happiness habits such families have in common

Do you ever wonder what it takes to build a happy family or how some families manage to always stay connected to each other?

The recipe for a happy family, even in today’s increasingly busy times, is pretty simple. As Leo Tolstoy said, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” We unlock for you the nine best-kept secrets of happy families.

Share an emotional connection: Members of a happy family share a deep emotional connection. They feel loved, cared for and understood by each other. They are aware of each other’s strengths and limitations and are always there to offer encouragement and support. They communicate more, which makes it possible for family members to interpret each other’s nonverbal cues and behaviors very well. They also get together, give hugs and say ‘I Love You’ more often.

All these lead to a higher degree of shared understanding.
Do activities together: Happy families make it a habit to spend time together doing activities that unite, are fun, and create positive experiences and happy memories. This also not only strengthens family bonds but also creates a cheerful, light-hearted atmosphere at home.

Limit screen time: While technology has made our lives easier, our fascination with digital devices has made us more self-absorbed and self-involved. Families that bond well together make it a point to limit the use of such gadgets. This allows them to spend more quality time with each other.

Take collective decisions: Involving everyone, especially children, in the decision-making process goes a long way towards building a happy family. When children know that their wishes and opinions are respected and considered, their self-worth and sense of commitment to the family, get a boost.

Taking collective decisions also creates a sense of belonging among family members.
Share experiences and memories:

Family members need to attend to their daily duties and responsibilities. However, after they get back home or when they are all together again, they are eager to know about each other’s day and share experiences. Happy families also talk about collective memories, like the time they all went on a trip somewhere, or some amusing incident at a family get-together, and so on.

Enjoy family holidays: Holidays are the best time to get together and have fun. Families that enjoy holidays together are usually more happy and close-knit than others. They try to create lasting memories from such holidays and do activities that all of them enjoy. Traveling together is also a great way to bond and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Stick together through difficult times: It isn’t necessary that misfortune will strike all members of a family at the same time. It can be that one member of a family is going through a rough patch. During such times, a happy family comes together to extend support and help through the tough times. This quality of being there for each other through good times and bad, also makes a family emotionally resilient.

Have meals together: For a family, sitting down to a meal not only provides the opportunity to spend time together but also ensures that everybody eats nutritious food. This helps develop good eating habits, especially in children.

Are aware of family history: Research has shown that children who are aware of their family history are more confident, have higher levels of self-esteem, and are more resilient. Happy families ensure that they pass on the history of their family to their children.

A happy family is the key to raising well-balanced children. What’s more, happy children don’t just feel better about themselves, but are also more successful, later in life. Now that you know the secrets to build a happy family, go ahead and inculcate the happiness habit at home.


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