Tips for Coloring Your Hair at Home


Every  fashionista  loves  to  experiment  with  new  trends, style statements  and  fashion advice. Looking good from top to toe is a priority and flaunting self-assured style becomes a necessity.

Here’s a detailed guide to help you apply hair color at home and everything you need to keep in mind!

A) Pick the right color

Indian women are blessed with beautiful black hair and a variety of skin tones ranging from pale fairness to warm chocolate. In that case, it is very important to determine what hair color would suit your hair and skin tones.

B) Strand test

If you are a novice to hair dyeing, then perform a strand test by applying dye on a hair which is a quarter inch behind the ears. Tuck the strand behind the ear to see how the color looks on your skin. This way you can be confident and know how your hair looks after dyeing.

C) Prepare well

Remember that applying hair color at home can be a messy process, and therefore, it is best to do a little prepare beforehand. Before getting on with the coloring, ensure that you are wearing an old button-down shirt or robe, so that you don’t have to struggle while taking it off over your head. Additionally, cover the entire area around with layers of newspapers or garbage bags to avoid the color from leaving behind a stain on any surface.

D) Brush your hair

Knots and tangles prevent the dye from spreading evenly, resulting in patchy hair color. To get rid of all knots and tangles, brush your hair thoroughly.

E) Divide your hair into four segments

Segregate your hair into four segments using your comb. In order to hold these parts separately, you need to use large salon clips. When you separate your hair, you won’t be missing out on any patch on your head. Now, depending on the density of your hair, break down each of these parts into smaller segments.

F) Start at the top

When coloring your hair, always begin by coloring your roots, because they require maximum coverage as well as longer time for the color to process. Next, ensure that you use a comb and brush it through your hair to distribute the color evenly and avoid a two-tone stringy effect.

G) Sensitivity test

Two days before coloring, perform this test to ensure whether you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the dye.

H) Protect your hairline

Apply Vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) along your hairline to prevent staining your skin. This step is essential as the color can stay on your skin for weeks despite several washes.

I) Put on Some rubber/plastic gloves

If the hair color kit does not include gloves, buy a pair from a local drug store. Make sure you wear gloves while coloring your hair as they protect your hands from getting stained and keep your sleeves clean.

J) Shower cap is a must

After you’ve applied the dye, cover it up using an old or disposable shower cap. This will prevent the dye from dripping and creating a mess while you are waiting for the color to develop.


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