“The importance of the office environment”


The importance of a positive office environment raised over the last decade. It is scientifically proven that having a constructive work environment can actually improve productivity, make employees happier and more confident so managers should focus on their employees’ feelings and feedback.

1. Choose to hire positive people
There are multiple ways to improve the company’s work environment, but you need to start by firstly hiring exceptional team members and I am not referring to skills. The attitude can be much more important because you can always teach skills.

When you are hiring for a new position offer special attention to the personality. While their skills are very important, a negativist person will kill productivity and motivation and when employees work with unmotivated colleagues, they are more likely to become unmotivated themselves. In order to build a company culture of positivity, you must find positive people and maintain an established culture of positivity. It takes maintenance but can be one of the most important qualities of your company.

2. Improve the team
After the positivity is established, the next step is to make your employers feel like a team. Team building activities are always a nice way to improve the relationships in the team. At AIE Internship we organize trips, dinners, long walks through Lugo area, even beer pong nights. Why not? Good results are the only thing that matter. Everybody wants a friendly work environment, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone. Our experience with team building activities proved that it actually work to accomplish improved communication and better motivation to return to the workplace in a better mood.

3. Selfish thinking: Encourage it or not?
While bonding and creating a stronger team is very important, do not forget that you are a company, you have goals, targets and business competitors; that is why your employees need to be team players but also strive for their personal improvement which eventually brings growth for the company. Having personal career goals will help your company, your team and make your employees happier.

4. Improve your office space
You spend eight hours a day at your desk in the office. That’s a big part of your day, right?

Working in an attractive, clean office can have huge effects on your office environment. A right light, optimal temperature, some warm colorful posters, and a few potted plants can make big differences in productivity and positivity.

5. Work on communication
Encouraging people to take the time to say „Hi” and „How are you?” to each other no matter their organizational place, managers waving at interns, is a good start of improving communication. Open feedback between employees and managers regarding their work can contribute to the broader business objectives and receive gratitude when working hard.

To conclude, having a more friendly working environment results in higher job satisfaction among employees, also leads to increased productivity and a higher rate of engagement. We know that creating a work environment that is fun and happy is not easy but the more you try the bigger dividends it will pay.



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