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In sex astrology, a person gets physical pleasure due to the compatibility of the planet Venus. Which includes home, vehicle, etc. in sex horoscope compatibility. Apart from this, Venus is also considered a factor of sexual organs and semen, physical relationship in astrology. Venus attracts pleasure, consumption, luxury, and beauty.

For some time after the marriage, as the household chores keep on moving, but only after some time the husband quarrels with the wife, life starts to become hellish. Some yogas present to know sex drive in astrology chart are also responsible for these conditions. Therefore, before deciding the marriage horoscope, these yogas must be viewed in the sex astrology chart at the same time for both people.

In the seventh house, the planet himself is self-possessed and there should not be any sin or combination of any sinful planet with him. But if any of the two planets have a full vision relationship or union with Saturn Mars or Rahu on the self-proclaimed seventh, then in this situation, the divine happiness will be very low. Due to this situation, both the seventh house and the seventh planet will become weak under the influence of sin.

If there is a combination of Venus with Lagna, Chaturth, Navamsh, Dashmesh, or Panchamesh then there is an increase in marital bliss i.e. sexual pleasure, while there is a decrease in marital bliss due to relationship with Sastesh, Ashtamesh Ua Dwadhesh.
If there is an auspicious view of the good planets on the seventh lord, like Venus is making a relationship with the lord of the seventh house, if there is an influence of the auspicious planets on the moon and Venus, then married life is very happy and love is complete.

If the Lagnesh is in the seventh house and has the best view of Chaturth, and the other auspicious planets are also in the seventh house, then such a person gets a very beautiful, pleasant, and quality wife with whom he lives a beautiful and pleasant married life. (This yoga will not occur in Virgo ascendant)

If the center of Saptamesh is situated in the triangle or in the eleventh house, there is a mutual love between such pairs. If both Saptamesh and Venus are in the high zodiac signs, they are in their own sign and do not have any sinful effect on them, then married life is very pleasant.

If Saptamesh is strong and if he is ascendant and if Venus and Chaturthish are together then the husband and wife live a very loving life.

In the male horoscope, the factor of female happiness is Venus, similarly, in the horoscope of the female, the planet of happiness of husband is Vahspati. In the horoscope of a woman, if she is looking at the seventh house, she is getting very good husband happiness.
The woman, who is seen in the second, seventh, twelfth sense of the house, in the center or triangle from Vhaspati, sitting in the second, the best and the eleventh places from the seventh house, such a woman is very happy and son-bearing and is happy.
If the man’s seventh son is sitting in the same zodiac, then the wife has a very deep love for her husband.

If the groom has only one gana and if there is class friendship, then there is boundless love in them. Love remains in life even if both have the same zodiac or befriend the zodiac owners.

If Mars and Venus are sitting in the seventh house of a bride or a girl, then the impulse for sex will be more in them, so for such a groom, a life partner with a similar planetary position should be selected.

Marital happiness is related to both husband and wife. If there is couple happiness in one horoscope and the other is not there, then even in that stage, you will not get married happiness, so pre-engagement parents should take care of the following conditions from a well-qualified and learned astrologer in both birth horoscopes, health, age, Character, temperament, financial status, child aspect, etc. should be properly studied, only quality matching does not happen.

There should not be much difference between the age of the bride and groom, but the physical structure of both, ie, height, thickness, beauty should also be seen to be equitable. Often many wealthy parents marry their black girl with a lure of money to a beautiful and proud boy who later goes on to cause discord.
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Have you ever noticed that people who do not fall prey to any bad habit, lead a simple life, take nutritious food, and not only do not consume any kind of intoxication. Still, such people have problems like cancer or heart attack.
Doctors are also surprised to see the medical history of such people. Even after doing all the tests, they do not find any reason which can explain why the patient is suffering.
But astrology has the answer. According to astrology, planets present in a person’s birth journal become a major cause of disease for him.
Apart from this, astrology also believes that just as the actions of a person’s present life affect his future, in the same way, the actions of his past birth also affect his life.
These are the two big reasons which become the biggest cause of problems in his life. But what kind of diseases can make a person on the planets of the horoscope, you cannot even guess.

In addition to some ill-heard diseases, there are some diseases that a person cannot usually discuss. These diseases fall into this category of sexual or what we call secret diseases.

Why are the secret diseases, which planets and astrological yoga are responsible for this, here we will tell you about it
We will tell you about why there are secret diseases, which planets, and astrological yoga are responsible for this. I hope you get answers to many of your questions after getting this information.

From the point of view of astrology, the person whose birth magazine has the influence of the Scorpio sign, in particular, such a person becomes a victim of diseases related to genitals.

According to astrology studies, if the horoscope of a person is in the second, sixth, eighth, or twelfth house of the horoscope and also the influence of inauspicious planets on all these expressions, then the person is prone to sexual and covert diseases.
If a person has genitals related disease and an experienced astrologer should get his birth journal assessed, then the above-mentioned planetary conditions will be found in his magazine.

But this is not the only reason for his problem. Because according to astrology, there are other sinful planets, which are responsible for such a secret disease.
Eighth House in the horoscope
If the eighth house in the horoscope and Venus, Mars, Saturn, Rahu are in relation to the planet lord of that house, then such a person is likely to get AIDS disease.

The sight of Saturn and Rahu
Apart from this, if Saturn and Rahu are sighted on Venus, Ketu, Mars, and Sun in the same sense, then such a person becomes a victim of sexual infection. The stronger this yoga goes, the more the fear of death of a person increases.

Relation of Saturn, Rahu
There is another reason for astrology that gives rise to such latent diseases. According to this, if Saturn, Rahu is related in the seventh house of the birth magazine of a person, and both these planets are visible on Saptesh, then such a person is hindered in child-birth.

Scorpio zodiac and sexual diseases
According to astrology studies, it has been said that the Scorpio zodiac is giving sexual diseases. If Saturnadh Rahu is also seen on Mars in the lord of Vrishikhek Lagna along with Venus in a man’s magazine, then such a man becomes a victim of impotence.

Venus in Weak House
According to another result of astrology, men whose horoscope is lacking in the planet Venus, or if this planet becomes afflicted or becomes weak, then such a person easily grasps a secret disease.

Union of planets
On this basis, another reason related to secret disease comes in astrology. According to which, if Saturn Rahu is sitting in the seventh house of a person’s horoscope, Saturn and Rahu have cruel eyesight on the owner of the seventh house or Venus with Saturn, then there is a lack of Venus in men.

Latent disease problem
Such a person can suffer from any type of latent disease. Either he may suffer from childbirth or he may become a victim of impotence as this yoga becomes stronger.

Women’s horoscope
If the same yoga mentioned above is in a woman’s horoscope, then such a woman has problems in the uterus, which causes problems in procuring children. Many times by changing the planetary positions, such a woman also conceives, but within a short time, there is a possibility of her miscarriage.

Know the solution for Sex astrology
But there is no such thing as panic, if the diseases caused by planets have been told in Astrology, then measures have also been given to eliminate them. If these measures are taken as per rules, then the evil effects of the planets can be completely eliminated.

A lot of ideas
There are many remedies recorded in astrology to fight sexual diseases. In astrology, by chanting mantras, donating, and performing jewels, there are ways to avoid the evil effects of planets.

Turquoise gemstone for Sex Astrology
In Jyotish Shastra, Firoza Ratna is considered effective in the prevention of sexual diseases. If this gem is found favorable for him after assessing the horoscope of the native, then it should be worn in silver along with Diamonds
Apart from this, wearing diamond, and onyx gemstones are also beneficial in sexual diseases. But do not wear any gemstone by yourself, wear the gemstone only after taking the opinion of the best astrologer in India.

Chanting is also important
If the position of Venus is bad in the horoscope of the native, then Venus-related measures should be taken. This mantra of Venus can prove to be helpful in fighting disease.
Om Dranda Draandra: Shukraaya Namah

In this article, I am mentioning some astrological yogas, which are in the horoscope of a person, then the planets that make that yoga indicate the person to be sexier than usual.
Lust is a natural tendency of man. This is how man expands his community. The level of lust is different in each person. Less in some and more in some. A person with balanced work lust lives a restrained life but the person in whom work lust becomes uncontrolled becomes dangerous to society as a rapist. There is a law for punishing such a person, but how much lust a person has, can be found by looking at his birth chart.

Let’s know according to astrology what kind of lust is in a person: –
1. If the lord of Ascendant is sitting in the seventh-place then:
If the lord of the Ascendant and the twelfth house sit together in the center or triangle or are moving among themselves, then mountain yoga is created, due to this yoga, where the person is lucky, lore-loving, karma piety, donor, fame, Property is the suzerain, at the same time, it is extremely weak and sometimes a woman is also moving.
If the Ascendant lord is sitting in the seventh place, then such a person is more interested in transgender sex. He only thinks about sex day and night.

2. If Mars and Saturn are in seventh place then the native is homosexual.
If the lord of the ascendant is in the seventh and the lord of the seventh is in the ascendant, then the person is equally interested in both man and woman.
In the seventh house, Mars, Buddha, and Venus are sitting together and if there is no sight of any auspicious planet, then the person is in unnatural sex.
If Mars and Saturn are in seventh place then the native is homosexual.

3. Work lust: –
The lunar and Venus pair in the Libra sign increases the lust of the person many times.
The presence of Venus in the seventh house makes the native extremely erotic.
If there is the influence of Mars / Rahu on Venus, the native make physical connections with many people.

If the Guru is in the Lagna /fourth/seventh/ tenth place or in the tenth house, then the person is ready to do anything to fulfill his lust.

If Saturn is in the Ascendant then there is more lust in the native. Saturn in the fifth house is more attractive than a woman older than her, adulterous nature in the seventh house, prostitute when she is with the Moon, sexuality is more in the male when she is with Mars and in the male when she is with Venus.

Such a person has more sexuality
The combination of Saturn’s Moon / Venus / Mars greatly enhances lust in the native.
If the Moon is in Pisces in the twelfth house then the native consumes many women.
If the presence of Mars is in the 8/9/12 house then the person is sensual.
If Mars is in the seventh house and there is no auspicious effect on him, then the native makes a relationship with minors.

If there is a presence of Venus in the sign of Mars or Venus in the zodiac sign, then there is more sexuality in the native.

1. The conjunction of Mars + Venus in the Ascendant Horoscope of any native instigates lust, the planets of the birth point towards the natal instinct, and that person is affected by its lifelong influence. The percentage of this feeling may be lower in a person, and more in some. According to the analysis of astrology, it can be ascertained to what extent the work sense exists in the native.

Ascendant / Ascendant:
1. If the lord of the Ascendant and the twelfth house are united and sit in the center/triangle, or are centripetal to each other, or are moving between themselves, then mountain yoga is created. Due to this yoga, where a person is lucky, lore-loving, karma piety, donor, fame, land is the suzerainty of the land, while on the other hand, she is also extremely gentle and sometimes a woman.

2. If Lagnesh is in seventh place, then such a person is more interested in the opposite sex. The focus of all that person’s contemplation, thinking, and thinking is his beloved.

3. Moon in Venus and Venus combination makes the lust of the person many times larger. If Rahu / Mars is seen on this Yuti, then the person can go to any extent to fulfill his lust.
The presence of four or more planets in the 4 Libra sign also causes is baat.
The presence of Venus in the 5th house makes the native sexier.
The influence of Mars / Rahu on Venus provokes the native to form a physical relationship with many people.

6. Yukti with Shukra / Mars makes the lust in the Jataka quite big.

7. If the presence of Venus-Mars is in the 8/12 house, the person is sensual.

8. The main role of the lord of the tenth house in increasing sex is if the lord of it comes in the seventh house or is in the ascendant and it is mainly Venus or Mars, such a person is lustful by nature and has a relationship with many women. 4 7 If it is in the 12th, or if both the planets are forming, then this is a sign of the native being very sexy. If these planets are more powerful, the native forgets the dignity of time and day and night, sex always remains inactive. Mars is zealous, and Venus is experienced, so when these two are combined, this effect is found correct in most of the horoscopes. This applies to both legal and illegal relationships.

9. The fourth house of the horoscope is of happiness, the seventh house represents the secret part of the genitals and the 12th house is the bed of happiness…! Therefore, if the combination of Saptamesh and Kishtesh is in 4, 7, or 12, the Jatakas / Jatikas are extreme.

10. In the horoscope of Jatika, if there is Venus + Rahu or Chandra + Rahu in the seventh and Guru in the 12th, then in most cases it has been found that even after marriage, illicit physical relations are formed. Then the possibility increases further if they are in a government / private job.

11. In the horoscope of Jataka / Jatika, even if Guru and Venus are devoted, they are extreme yoga, and this yoga enhances the personal pleasures of married life, personal relationship, and personal relationship. In the case of Jataka, if Mars and Venus are congruent, then this proves to be meaningful.

12. The biggest contributor to impotence is Saturn and Mercury, so if both these planets are in the seventh, or are looking at the seventh, then the Jataka / Jatika are monotonous and inept in terms of sex. The native lacks excitement. If this is the combination in the 12th house, or if both these planets are sight-related, then the person is suffering from premature ejaculation. And in the case of Zatika, they are cold. This situation can be even more serious if Rahu is in 1,7, 8, then the native is addicted to addiction and spends his youth in smoke.

13. If there is Rahu + Venus in the seventh house of the native’s horoscope, then the sperm of the native is weak and has to struggle a lot to get children. The child “Divyang” can also be born.

14. If there is Mars + Rahu in the seventh house in the horoscope of Jatika or if both of them are in the seventh house together, then Jatika suffers white leucorrhoea and irregular menstrual period. If Mars is very strong, during the menstrual period, a lot of bleeding occurs.




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