Let’s Look at Some Essential Beauty Tips for the Face


Use the correct cleanser
The most important thing when looking for new products is to listen to your skin. You need to experiment and see which one works for you best.

Don’t forget to moisturise
Lack of moisture can sometimes lead to acne. So, the best times to moisturise is right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed.

Always use sun protection
Don’t forget to layer up with SPF every time you step out. In the long run, lack of sun protection can cause dullness, dryness, aging and pigmentation

Hydrate yourself
Hydration is an essential for glowing skin. To avoid dry, itchy and dull skin hydrate yourself with water and electrolytes.

Vitamin C
Add a vitamin C serum you to your morning routine. Additionally, vitamin C creams can help protect your skin from sun damage and can give you a brighter, glowing complexion over time.

Exfoliate your skin and lips
Exfoliating once a week helps slough off dead skin cells, but over-exfoliation can cause your skin to react with excess oil production or breakouts. Exfoliation of the lips is equally important as it leads to softer, smoother lips.

Cool water cleanse
Try and use lukewarm or cold water when washing your face. Hot water can open your pores and can sometimes be too intense for your skin.

What not to do:
While there is a whole list of beauty tips you need to follow for glowing skin, let’s not forget the things we need to avoid.
Don’t use too many products
Avoid touching your face
Avoid direct exposure to the sun
Eat less oily and carbs-loaded food

At-home face care tips
For a beginner, all of these requirements may seem like too much. Let us help give you a kickstart to beign your skin care routine at home to beautify your face.

Adequate sleep
You will be shocked to see the effects of a good night’s sleep on your skin.

More SPF
Turns out you need SPF more than you thought you did. Applying SPF at home helps protect your skin from blue light from screens.

Clean pillowcases
Make sure that your pillowcases are clean and changed every week. A silk pillowcase can decrease friction between the pillow and your face and hence reduce the chances of acne.

Eat right
Your diet and your skin are interlinked. What you eat affects your skin. Carbs and dairy can lead to inflammation of the skin for some people.

On-the go face care tips
Do not neglect your skin when you’re travelling. Most people (and us!) have a separate bag for our skincare essentials. Here’s what you need to do when you’re on the go!

Travel bag essentials
Never forget to pack your SPF and lip balm wherever you go. They will ALWAYS come handy. (Thank us later!)

Limit sun exposure
Sometimes a sun screen is not enough. Wear a hat or shades whenever possible.

Wash your mask
Keeping in mind the new normal, don’t forget to wash your mask every time you wear one.

Keep makeup brushes clean
Let’s not forget one major skincare tip to keep in mind for healthy skin: Clean make-up brushes. To fight infection and clogged pores, wash your concealer and foundation brushes once a week. For brushes you use around your eyes, once a month is fine.

Here’s how: Put a drop of a mild shampoo into the palm of your hand. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. Then, massage the bristles into your palm to distribute the shampoo into the brush. Avoid getting the metal part of the brush wet/or the base of the brush hairs because the glue could soften and the bristles could fall out. Rinse the shampoo out and squeeze out the water with a towel. Lay the brushes on their side with the bristles hanging off the edge of the counter to dry.

As we said before, you’re exposed to multiple skin care advices on a daily basis, be it on social media, or some article or word of mouth. With multiple advices on face mask and home remedies, here are a few FAQs which will solve all your doubts.




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