Is It Important To wash Your Face At Night?


1. Clean Skin Better Absorbs Skincare Products:

Did you know that the night is the perfect time to apply your actives, like retinol and glycolic acid? There are a couple of reasons for that.

For starters, the more layers you apply underneath sunscreen, the higher the chances you’ll get an uneven application or even pilling.

Other ingredients, like retinol, are unstable and degrade (i.e. lose their effectiveness) in the presence of sunlight. Makes more sense to use them when the sun isn’t around, don’t you think?

But, there’s no way these actives can reach your skin if they are faced with a wall of makeup and other impurities. They’ll just lie on top of them, doing nothing.

Do you really want to waste good product and money like that?

2. Cleansing Skin Keeps Breakouts Away:

Do you know what happens to all that dirt and makeup on your face? If you don’t remove it regularly, that crap may end up inside your pores, clogging them up and causing pimples.

Dealing with pimples is never fun. They always appear at the worst possible moment, and take forever to heal.

By the way, this applies to you even if you don’t wear makeup. Dirt, pollutants, excess oil, and all kinds of crap deposit on your skin every single day.

You want to get that all off before you go to bed – just to be on the safe side.

3. Cleansing Skin Prevents Infections:

Even if you can’t be bothered to take off your facial makeup, you MUST at least remove your eye makeup.

Sleeping with your mascara and eye shadows on can clog and inflame the skin and glands around your eyes. In the best case scenario, you wake up with red, swollen, puffy eyes.

In the worst case scenario, you’ll get a full blown eye infections that’ll be a pain to heal. Don’t risk it!

Best to remove all traces of eye makeup before you sleep.


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