Incredible Benefits of Red Wine


Did you know that red wine could be healthy? There is abundant evidence that moderate intake of red wine may have beneficial effects. “Red wine picks up a lot of notes in Indian food, be it spices, berries, aromas or flavours. A full bodied good wine pairs beautifully with Indian curries like Mutton Rezala and Chicken Stews, more so than white wine,” recommends Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, owner of Lavaash by Saby. He adds, “Not a lot of people know this, but the colour of red wine comes from the grape skin that has antioxidant properties, not the grape itself.”

1. Makes skin glow

Want glowing and naturally beautiful skin? Order yourself a glass of Sangria the next time you go out for drinks. Polyphenols in red wine transform dull complexions and impart a healthy glow to your skin. It also helps to de-stress your body, and prevents breakouts that pop-up due to stress. Spritzing some red wine directly on your face and massaging for a few minutes can also make your skin glow.

2. Promotes hair growth

Drinking red wine is also linked to improving blood circulation in the body, including the scalp. This promotes thick and healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss. You can also rinse your hair with red wine. After shampooing and conditioning, give a final rinse with red wine to get lustrous and shiny hair.

3. Lowers blood sugar

There’s good news for type 2 diabetics: moderate consumption of red wine can lower blood sugar. The newer research showed that diabetics should drink wine with a meal to reap the benefits.

4. Fights acne

Red wine contains resveratrol which slows down the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Drinking a glass of wine can also inhibit keratinocyte proliferation which is responsible for causing acne lesions. Some people also believe that applying red wine topically on the face clears pores, fights acne and prevents future breakouts.

5. Slows down aging and Potentially increases lifespan

You may have heard the claim that something in red wine slows aging and can increase lifespan. It can also reduce some of the damage caused by the natural aging process, particularly as it concerns the heart.

6. Potentially slows down the Alzheimer’s disease

Red wine may also help slow the progress of Alzheimer’s Disease. The researchers felt that with further study, substances in red wine may be proven to help slow the progression and prevent the neurological damage associated with Alzheimer’s.

7. Prevents obesity

Research says that resveratrol in red wine can convert the bad fat into calorie-burning brown fat. And diets containing the antioxidant can help combat obesity . Resveratrol enhances the oxidation of dietary fats and prevents the body from getting overloaded. It converts white fat into brown fat (also called beige fat) that burns off as heat – thereby preventing obesity and metabolic dysfunction.

8. Prevents tooth decay

Red wine may also help with preventing tooth decay. several foods and beverages have been shown to reduce the incidence of caries, or cavities, in people that consume them. One of those foods was red wine.

9. Improves bone strength

One study published in the Oxford Academic Journal has revealed that resveratrol in red wine can improve spinal bone density in men suffering from metabolic syndrome. The compound also has anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent bone loss. It stimulates bone-forming cells in the body. Moderate alcohol intake post menopause was found to maintain bone strength in the later years.

10. Reduces the risk of cataracts

As per studies, resveratrol and other antioxidants in red wine can help prevent blindness. Resveratrol in the wine prevents the out-of-control growth of the blood vessels in the eye. Resveratrol might also reduce the risk of cataracts by increasing the levels of glutathione in your system.

11. Improves sleep

The grapes red wine is made of are rich in melatonin, the very same compound that induces sleep in humans. This hormone is produced in our brain by the pineal gland. And almost grapes used to produce red wine contain more melatonin than our blood. The melatonin in red wine can regulate the circadian rhythm, thereby aiding sleep.

12. Minimizes sun damage

While it can never replace sunscreen, red wine with its antioxidants and amino acids, forms a natural barrier on your skin and protects it from the strong UV rays of the sun. Soaking a cotton ball in red wine and applying on sunburns can ease the burning sensation and heal the affected area faster.

13. Repairs damaged hair

A powerhouse of essential nutrients, red wine plays a major role in repairing and reversing dry and damaged hair. The antioxidants in this drink soothe frizzy hair and also prevent untimely ageing of your tresses. Dilute red wine with water and give your hair a quick rinse to nourish your hair from root to tip..

14. Promotes liver health

Modest wine consumption was not only found to be safe for the liver, but it could even cut the risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.


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