Ill effects of smoking on women’s health!

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Be it men or women, smoking is never a good idea and leads to several health hazards without doubt. But, it is high time we throw some light on how a woman’s body responds to the smoke that is emitted from burning tobacco. With stats showing a steady increase in the number of women smokers, maybe the world needs more awareness than it already holds.

Prone to arthritis

Studies show that women who smoke are more inclined towards acquiring rheumatoid arthritis (a condition where the joints inflame causing severe pain). This might also be due to the decreased bone density that happens because of the very same reason.

Menstruation gone wrong

It is a major distress when you skip periods or have prolonged bleeding. Either way, it is a warning signal that your body isn’t functioning the way it should. The toxic substances when entering the nerves causes serious damage to the uterus leading to several issues including menstrual disorders and pregnancy delays.

Gum Diseases

Oral illness is something that happens both in men and women when smoking becomes a regular habit. Infection in the gums tends to worsen over the days when not treated with proper antibiotics. There are chances when the bacteria spread to the bones as well as causing mouth cancer.

Cervical Cancer

A life-threatening disaster, cervical cancer in many cases happens due to smoking excessively. Though it is significant that every woman spares time to get a regular examination done, women who smoke are prone to acquiring it.

Pregnancy Problems

Pregnant women are the most affected when it comes to smoking. Both active and passive smoking does great damage here. Simply living next to a chain smoker itself doubles the chances of your fetus prone to worse lung infections and even death. The ill effects are carried even after the child is born requiring medical administration.

For women with less immunity, smoking does greater harm when compare to that of men. So, it is best to quit the urge to smoke for every woman’s own good and the wellness of her children. At the end of the day, there is nothing worse than leading a painful and disease-borne life for our very own mistakes. Take the help of your medical practitioner and lead yourself out of the addictive trap.


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