High Heels

High Heels

Girls who love to wear their high heels. But there are many side effects of wearing high heels. Wearing high heels occasionally is okay, but if you wear high heels regularly and for long hours there are long term side effects.                                                              There are various side effects of wearing high heels.

Few Side effects of high heels

Constricts Blood Vessels

The shoe shape squeezes the foot into a position which is certainly not natural and far from being comfortable. This causes stress on your foot which can result in a constricted blood flow. In extreme cases, wearing high heels may cause the blood vessels to break.

Weakened Ligaments  High heels

The awkward curvature of the leg puts unnecessary pressure on the knee joint. This can turn out to be a scary situation as it can lead to “osteoarthritis” in most people. Prolonged wear of high heel shoes may increase the risk of knee osteoarthritis and joint degeneration.

Tendon Problems

If you wear them for more than 5 days a week. When it happens, it might shrink your calf muscle fibers by about 13%. Tendon problems due to overuse of high heels can also thicken your Achilles tendon. This can change the resting position of your ankle, making your foot point down more than usual.

Ankle SprainsHigh heels

Wearing high heels is suitable only if you are treading on even surfaces; not rugged and rough ones as you might slip and sprain your ankle in the process.

Foot Pain

Stilettos or high heels have a design which can add a swagger to your stride. This can lead to foot ache, even sharp pain in your heel, toes, sole or arch.

Lower Back PainHigh heels

Most common side effects; they lead to unequal weight distribution which may trigger off pain in the lower back, inflammation and soreness. This is due to the fact that high heel shoes do not give complete support to your feet.

Joint Pains

These high heels do not have shock absorption. They restrict you from naturally rotating your feet while you are walking as they are forced into an unbending straight position, which can easily lead to severe pain in your joints, and can also start giving symptoms of arthritis.

Ingrown Toenails

Heels are extremely tight, you have to forcefully slide down and crush your toes which in turn lead to in grown toenails. Almond shaped or pointy toe ,despite the fact that your feet are more or less a square at the end.High heels

Think twice before wearing high heels especially for long hours. Wear such heels with utmost caution.

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