Hand trick, plate trick and more: Ways to avoid overeating


01.Hand trick, plate trick and more: Ways to avoid overeating

Eating your favorite food in large portions and then regretting later is a situation you have all been through. Though portion control becomes very essential for mindful eating, you seldom make the right choice while filling your plate. Here are some tricks you can follow the next time you eat, in order to avoid overeating:

02.Plate tricks

This trick will involve your plates, spoons and forks. Before getting to the trick, think of red color. What was the first thing that came to your mind? Stop, red light, danger, something like this for sure? It basically means when you see red color, your brain automatically signals yourself to ‘stop’. Now eating from red plate will do the same thing. You need not replace all the plates in your kitchen. Just using red cutlery when you eat junk or unhealthy food, in order to keep your proportion size small.

03.Water trick

An old trick which still holds its relevance is the water trick. All you need to do for this one is gulp down a glass of water before having your meal. The water will partially fill your stomach and will help you eat less than usual. It will not only keep you full for long but will also help you eat in control.

04.Tight pants trick

Believe it or not your clothes play a big role in determining whether you’ll eat more or less. If you wear tight clothing you will automatically eat less, while loose clothes will eat you more than usual. If you want to eat less, make sure you wear a tight denim or pants, which will prevent you from overeating.

05.Hand trick

A rather fun thing to do, just cup your hand together in order to start this trick. Now place your food in your cupped hands. Your protein rich foods, such as eggs, lentils and beans should roughly be equal to the size of your palm. Your carbs, such as grains, breads and potatoes should be enough to fill your cupped hands. The vegetables you eat should be equal to your fist, while your butter intake should imitate your thumb.

This super fun way of controlled eating will help you eat just the right proportion size, according to your body requirements.

06.Veggie trick

If you complete your whole meal and still fill hungry, then it is the best option to opt for veggies. Avoid chapattis or breads and take a serving of the vegetable instead. This will help you in avoiding carbs and fill you up with minerals and nutrients.


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