Fat Reduction For Men – The Benefits of Male Body


Many people have a vision of their Dream Body. However, while they are dreaming of abs, rock hard thighs, and a great butt, they forget to enjoy life in the body they currently have.

Here’s the truth: life is too short to dream about your body goals and never achieve them. And while the gym is the go-to place for body sculpting, there are plenty of ways that magic happens outside of the gym.

the premiere method of fat reduction for men.
The truth is that we can’t always control the shape of our bodies. As men age, it is normal to develop a “dad bod” complete with a little tummy, love handles, a fuller chin, and a larger chest. Life can also get in the way. Things like a busy work life and having family obligations can cut your gym and meal prep time short.

So instead of beating yourself up about your “dad bod” or vowing to go to the gym everyday – it’s a pandemic, cut yourself some slack – do yourself a favor and learn more about

What Are My Options For Fat Reduction For Men?
The most effective method of overall body contouring is HD Sculpt for Men. This procedure utilizes direct electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to stimulate rapid muscle contractions in targeted areas of the body.

A 20 minute procedure is the equivalent to doing thousands of sit ups. Not only is it much easier – and more comfortable – than doing thousands of sit ups, it provides a fast, efficient transformation with same-day initial results.

There are also several other options for body contouring for men. While HD Sculpt is ideal for building muscle, other procedures like Kybella and MicroLipo are designed for fat reduction for men. Kybella is best for reducing excess fat around the face and neck. This procedure is especially popular with men in Orange County who have careers in front of the camera or who want to cut a more striking profile in high-stakes meetings.

MicroLipo is a targeted form of liposuction that can be used anywhere on the body to smooth lumps & bumps and destroy those lingering fat pockets. This procedure is ideal for otherwise muscular men who struggle with stubborn fat deposits. It is also great for men who feel self-conscious about a particular part of their body, like their back or abdomen.

The Step-By-Step Body Sculpting Procedure
Here’s what to expect when you try HD Sculpt at Qazi Cosmetic Clinic in Orange County, CA:

During your consultation, you can explain to Dr. Qazi what your goals are and which areas you want to treat.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, this method of fat reduction for men involves no needles, no need for local anesthetic, and no pre-procedure precautions. All you need to do is show up!

The first thing Dr. Qazi will do is cover the treatment area with protective plastic sheets. These are designed to protect your skin and avoid adverse side effects like burns from the device. They also help the paddles stay in place.

The HD Sculpt device is equipped with multiple small paddles that deliver electrical pulses to stimulate muscle contractions. Dr. Qazi will place these strategically over the treatment area.

In order to keep the paddles in place, Dr. Qazi will wrap another layer of plastic over them.
The procedure lasts about 40 minutes and two different areas can be targeted in that time. While it is much easier than 6 months of grueling workouts, it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Many patients can feel their muscles clenching as if they are doing planks or wall sits.
When your 40 minutes are up, Dr. Qazi will remove the paddles and the protective plastic. There are no special aftercare instructions, nor is there anything that you will need to avoid afterwards. You are free to go about the rest of your day.

Some people notice a change in their body right away. The full results of the procedure will take 2 to 4 weeks to show.

Whether you will need follow ups is dependent on your aesthetic goals. Dr. Qazi recommends 4 treatments of each muscle group within 2 weeks to complete a body sculpting transformation.

What Areas of The Body Does HD Sculpt Treat?
Qazi Cosmetic Clinic offers a variety of treatment options that utilize HD Sculpt for body contouring and fat reduction for men:

Absculpt Sessions: This 45 minute procedure is the equivalent of doing 20,000 situps and oblique crunches. First of all, no one has time to do 20,000 situps all at once. This procedure is very popular among Orange County men because, in addition to building muscle tone, it is very effective at reducing belly fat.

Butt Sculpting: As your Instagram feed can probably tell you, it is all about the booty. And toned behinds aren’t only for women anymore. More and more men are valuing their strong glutes and rocking fitted jeans.

Arm Sculpting: Yep, HD Sculpt works on your arms too. Get toned, defined, muscular arms in time for beach season. This session only lasts 45 minutes and evenly builds out both your arms simultaneously.

Thigh Sculpt: HD Sculpt for the thighs is a great option for men who have been unable to work out in the gym due to injuries. If you have knee pain, then this procedure is ideal because it can provide the leg workout that you want without putting any strain on your knees. During the procedure, it will feel like you are currently working out. Many men love it because it doesn’t feel like “cheating” or “taking the easy way out” – it’s just a time-saving method of building muscle in a way that won’t damage your joints.

Back Sculpting: This use for HD Sculpt is very beneficial both as an aesthetic procedure and a way to relieve back pain. Most back pain is caused by a weakness in one muscle that forces other muscles to compensate and creates a strain in the back. Instead of going to physical therapy for months to relieve your back pack, you can do it in just a few 45 minutes sessions. There is also an aesthetic side to back sculpting. Deposits of back fat are very common and they can be hard to get rid of. As HD Sculpt builds muscle in your back, it also functions as fat reduction for men. This means that you will walk out of the treatment room with a more toned back and fewer lumps and bumps.

Facial Fat Reduction With Kybella
If your dream body includes a slimmer neck and a more defined jawline, then Kybella is a great option. Unlike other fat reduction procedures, Kybella is designed to treat double chins. When a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid is injected into your chin, it will break down fat cells to reduce the size of your chin.

Kybella is quite popular with men in Orange County. This is because you can hide your “dad bod” under clothes, but it is nearly impossible to hide your face and double chin. Many men choose Kybella because this procedure can make them look younger, slimmer, and more refined. It can result in greater confidence, better luck with dating, and being perceived as more energetic in the workplace.

The Benefits: The Top 5 Reasons Men Opt For Body Sculpting
Life gets busy: and that sexy, toned male body that shows up on every magazine cover is nearly impossible to achieve for people who have other commitments. Many men work long hours, have kids, and are balancing a lot of commitments. Gym time can easily fall by the wayside. HD Sculpt can deliver gym-quality results without the grueling hours at the gym.
It works. Every magazine and fitness icon will tell you that their workout is the key to a great body, or that keto, atkins, or veganism is the magic solution to a slim, toned body. Those diet and exercise-related tips don’t work for everyone; however, fat reduction for men does. These procedures are guaranteed to give you results. And you don’t even have to give up your favorite foods.

Your body is your temple and you get to choose how to decorate your altar. If you want your body to look a certain way, then go for it. This is the only body that you are going to get. Life is too short to be unhappy with your “dad bod” or love handles.

HD Sculpt involves no recovery time. One of the big perks of HD Sculpt is that it has no healing period after the procedure. You can go right back to your day.

Even though more and more men are getting cosmetic procedures, there remains some stigma around it. Some men want to keep it on the downlow that they are interested in cosmetic procedures. Things like bruises, swelling, and side effects can give away that you have just had a procedure done. The good thing about HD Sculpt is that there is no tell that you had the procedure. You just get to show up and let the results do the talking.

Appearances matter. This applies not only to men who work in front of the camera, but it is also true for things like dating. However, it isn’t just about how you look. It is also about how you feel. People can sense when you are confident, so if you are feeling yourself, then other people will be drawn to you too. That is why it benefits you to do something about the parts of you that make you feel self-conscious. Once you are happy with how you look, you will feel amazing too.


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